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Hazelnut is rich in oil, which makes its fat-soluble vitamins more absorbed by the human body. It has a good nourishing effect on some people who are weak, sick or hungry. Its vitamin E content as high as 36%, can effectively delay aging, moisturize the skin, prevent and treat vascular sclerosis

place of origin

My hometown is the northeast of China, where rich products, due to the unique climate and geographical environment produced by the hazelnut quality is very good, mellow taste, in northeastern China's forest farms, natural growth, quality and reliability 

Detailed Images

Hazelnut grows on trees and is not yet mature. 

Natural drying and peeling 

After the machine was screened, the bad hazel was selected. 

Our Service

Hazelnut can be packaged in vacuum according to customer's requirements

Custom packaging can be customized according to customer requirements, customized private label. 

Packing & Delivery
According to the quantity ordered by customers 
The default shipment is 20 kg per box. 

Packaging Details

We will pack the goods according to the customer's requirement and ship them by default to a box of 20kg. Our boxes are of good quality to ensure the safety of the goods. 

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