Manufacture of electric jack with wrench suit for women

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1. electric jacks use:
(1) Park the car on a level road and turn off the engine. Do not forget to tighten the handbrake.
(2) Place the electric jack on the steel beam under the body near the replaced tire, and align the top cap of the electric jack with the support point below the vehicle body so that the electric jack can be safely and effectively hoisted.
(3) Connect the electric jack to the 12V power supply in the following two ways:
1 Connect with a cigarette lighter: Insert one end of the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket, and the other end of the 5.5 mm plug into the 5.5 mm plug socket on the electric jack. (Note: The fuse rating of the cigarette lighter must not be less than 10A)
2 Use the vehicle battery to connect directly: Insert one end of the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket with one end of the battery clip, and clamp the battery clip with the red clip at the other end of the battery clip on the "+" (positive) battery. Black clip and The battery "-" (negative) is connected, and then insert the 5.5mm plug on the other end of the cigarette lighter plug into the 5.5mm plug seat on the electric jack.
(4) Operation: After confirming that the first few steps are completed, you can start the lifting operation. Hold the remote control, and press the button on the remote control as needed. "△" means increase, "▽" means decrease, "□" means stop. )
(5) During the lifting process, the lifting dynamics should be carefully observed to ensure that the electric jack does not tilt until the wheel is separated from the ground by 20mm. When the wheels can rotate freely, the lifting should be stopped and the tire replaced.

2.the use of electric wrenches:

(1) When the replaced wheel leaves the ground, connect the electric wrench to the power supply (connect the 5.5mm power plug of the electric wrench directly into the 5.5mm plug connector of the cigarette lighter plug wire).
(2) Select the appropriate sleeve and place the square hole on the square shaft head at the top of the electric wrench to loosen or tighten the bolt.
(3) According to the desired working direction, select the loose and tight switch. The left sign "‖" of the power switch is the reverse direction, the right sign "∣" is the forward direction, the middle sign is "○", and it is stopped. Press the corresponding direction switch with your thumb, and you can release the thumb
after hearing 1-2 "bang and bang" percussions. The whole process takes about 2-3 seconds.

Detailed Images

1..Please put a block or a product before the tire to avoid the car movement.

2..Start the engine and insert the plug of electric car jack into the car lighter jack .

3..Connect the power lines of lifting jack and cigar lighter

4..The saddle of the electric car jack should be placed against the right bottom of the car .

5..Selecting the right key to the operate of ascending or descending

6.. Inserting the cigar lighter,and connecting the air valve of tyre .

7..Selecting the right key to inflate.

8..Connect the power lines of wrench and cigar lighter

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details     electric jack set Packing: each set packed in one BMC with polybag, then                                           set put in one standard export master carton...

Delivery Time            Within 15 Days after the order confirmed


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