Close flow type membrane press filter sell in low price of high-level automatic operation

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product introduction 

Close flow type membrane press filter saled in low price of high-level automatic operation whose filtration chamber is composed by membrane plate and the chamber plate ,with the help of the feeding pump,the solid and liquid are separated by the filter medium(filter cloth) .After the filter cake is formed,and then air or liquid goes into membrane plate.The second squeezing happens by membrane late bulk and lower moisure content.

Filter for viscous materials require higher moisture content and for users of this machine have their unique characteristics.

Plate with enhanced molded polypropylene, polypropylene plate with diaphragm mounted together, sturdy, secure, not easy fall off, long service life

Main Features

- Reduction of the residual moisture of the filter cake
- Shorter filtration, wash and cake cycles
- Drier cakes means energy saving on cake drying and transportation
- The optimized cake structure facilities quicker and better washing results
- Varying product quantities and compositions present no problems to the membrane filter press 
-  High degree of automation, labor-saving and ease to operate:adopting PLC control system, including automatic keeping pressure, automatic  pulling board, quick program functions,ect.

Detailed Images

Filter plates 

(1)Membrane plate:Denmark imports TPE elastomer
(2)Matched chamber plate:PP

(3)High technology heat fusion equipments and raw material particles fuse machine ,filter plate molding dinalize equipment,1500t-2000t filter plate molding press machine used for production 

Main beam

(1) Rectangular tube steel
(2)Box welded structural design, automatic submerged arc welding process with weld smooth, beautiful;

(3)within plus vertical support, outside the thick sealing plate, put an end to the beam deformation phenomena

(4)Surface shot by high-speed centrifugation to eliminate rust and mill scale;
(5)micaceous iron epoxy primer after spraying,acrylic polyester anti-corrosion paint spraying machine embalmed

Automatic pulling plate device 

(1)Consist by the chains,plate shifting control switch,limit switch,master control

(2)Stainless steel 

(3)Built-in chain, pulling plate device and slider add the protective devices , the chain box up and down are sealed, ensuring the cleanliness and flexibilityof the pulling plate systems.

Hydraulic station

(1)Carton steel bending welding, sealing,
External air filtration pump,Cooling effect, easy maintenance;
(2) high and low oil lines connected to the national standard soft

Pictures to show you principle of the second sequeezing process

After the filter cake are formed ,the diaphragm valve open and air or liquid (usually water)goes into the membrane plate

The membrane plate filled with air or liquid,so the membrane plate is expanded, this can make the second squeezing of the filter cake,and lower the moisture content

With inlet compressed air or liquid,the membrane plate is expanded.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

1.We have professional person on line to advise you the most suitable type of machie  according to your requirement.
2.Provide you comprehensive.easy-understanding and detail information and technical data about the machie you interested;solve your confusions or questions about the machine 
3.Arrange the schedule if you pay a visit to our factory

After-Sales Service

1.Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

2.Our technical engineer can also guide the installation,testing ,solve problems and so on in your country if required.

3.Provide service of the replacement of spare parts or standy of it 

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details
The normal package is shrink-wrapped,shipped in container,Toper can also provide export standard wooden case or stainless steel package or other if required 
750(L) * 450 (W) * 460 (D)

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden case ,like the feeding pump,the filter cloth,the pipes,valves and so on.
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Our Company

Zhengzhou Toper is the leading supplier of industrial equipment in China, and also the professional exporter and 
service provider of filter and separation equipment . Also we focus on full service for filtering project from design
 to after-sale service and fast supply of spare parts.

1. Manufacture experience,
Since 1997, we have done a lot of innovation and improvement in the field of filter and separation equipment. 

We are specialized in design of the filter press according to clients’ requirments, the delivery time of a filter press can 

be 7 days(if no stock).

2. Technology capacity,
We join and make the standard of filter press industry in China, All of our products have CE certificate, also they will be tested before delivery. 

3. Our superiority,
We are in the first class in the field of filter press of China, more than 250,000 m2 land area and continue
developing. Filter areas of filter press widely ranges from 1 m2 to 500 m2, you can always choose a right type. 

4. Best after-sales,
Supply professional operation training, Timely trouble shooting in 24 hours, we will try our best to solve your problems on the basis of no influence of your equipment working.

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