Haierc Copper Mesh 5"x100FT 100% Copper wire mesh rodent For Bat Control,Insect Control

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Product Overview


Haierc Copper Mesh 5"x100FT 100% Copper wire mesh rodent For Bat Control,Insect Control

                                                                                                   -----10 years PRO PEST CONTROL manufacturer

Product Description


Haierc Copper Mesh For Mouse Rat Rodent, Snail Repel, Slugs Expeller, Snake Control,Bat Control,Insect Control


Haierc Copper Mesh For Mouse Rat Rodent Control, Snail Repel Control, Slugs Expeller, Snake Control,Bat Control,Insect Control,100FT,100% Copper

Haierc copper mesh features :


Can be used to stuff all kinds of openings to stop pests, bees, insects, rodents and other similar unwanted animals. Once tightly packed in a hole, crack or gap, the copper mesh refused to be pulled out. Knitted construction of copper mesh often catches rodents' teeth and makes it hard for them to chew through or remove. Partner with insulating foam sealant for added strength. 


No chemicals, compared with steel wool, copper mesh never rust and leave stains on the surroundings. 


Great for cleaning easy-to-scratch/scour surfaces where steel wool may be too abrasive. 


Copper mesh is stretchy and tubular, not flammable. Pack expensive chocolate or local cheese to make a unique gift for your friend using this beautiful copper mesh.


HC14004copper mesh rat mouse mice bat control5"x5ft,10ft,20ft,40ft,50ft,100ft,200ft,500ft1pc/inner box500rolls


Use area description



Stainless mesh rat mouse mice bat control


A stainless steel non-rust material used to fill holes and cracks to prevent rodents and pests from entering homes,buidings,apartments and other pests from entering homes,buildings,apartments and other facilities.

Preferred by pest management professionals for exclusion servicies.Custom products made to specific sizes for unique pest and rodent applications.


Stainless mesh for insect control

A SUS316 stainless steel non-rust material used to fill holes,under the building and cracks to prevent termite,rodents and insect from entering homes,buildings,apartments and other facilities.Custom products made to specific sizes for unique insect control applications.


Main Products:


Bird spikes, netting, shock, wire, expeller, trap. Pigeon& seagull spikes, net, shock, wire, expeller.


Snake handle tongs& hook. Easy tunnel, scissor, talpex, humane mole trap. Snap e rat& mouse trap


cages, catcher, glue trap, bait station, poison box. Insect netting, light& lamp, killer. Termite, wasp,


cockroach and bat bait station. Mosquito, fly, moth killer lamp, garden tools, wildlife trappers, sprayer.


Solar mole, mouse, bird expeller, squirrel, cat, dog, ferrets, mink, feral dog, coyote & wolf cub,bear,


hamster, muskrat, raccoon, fox, hare, meadow vole, ferrets, rodent control trap cages. Insect and


 bird protection netting, mist animal capturing net, etc.

Company Information

 We are a professional manufacturer produce more than one thousand various of pest control products and pet products,

such as Bird Control Products, Mole Control Products, Fly Control Products, Mouse Control Products,Pet Cages,etc. 

Our products have been widely used for Pest control in farm,gardens,public,warehouses,hotels,houses,etc.




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