Fiberglass Exhaust Fan/FRP Ventilation Fan/Fiberglass Cone Fan

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Product Overview


Fiberglass Exhaust Fan

1. Introduction

   Fiberglass exhaust fan is a new type of ventilation equipment which is made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass, belonging to axial flow fan. It inhales fresh air from the opposite side of the installation site, forcing the sultry gas out of the room, the cooling and ventilation effect can reach over 90%. No rust, low noise, beautiful appearance, more and more loved by modern factories and farms.

2. Characteristic Analysis

   1) FRP material up to 500 years without decomposition, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, no rust, long service life and so on, at the same time can reduce the phenomenon that the whole machine resonates with metal materials.

   2) The exhaust outlet of the fan is shaped like a horn, so many people call it fiberglass cone fan.

   3) The blade is based on the principle of flow mechanics, angle, air volume and noise are all reasonable, no aging, no deformation.


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