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Product Description



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Ginger Oil can promote the respiratory,Ginger oil is an important spice in food and cosmetics, ginger oil can be also used in medicine and military.Ginger essential oil can usually be used for SPA massage.








Product Name

Ginger Oil

Refractive Index

1.4860 to1.4980

 Flash Point


 Specific Gravity

0.860 to 0.890

Optical Rotation

-28 to -45


Insoluble in water

Manufacturing Date


Best Before

Best before 3 year

Storage Conditions

Keep Well Closed







Ginger oil can be used in Drink, Beer, Soy Sauce, Vinaigre, Cooked Meat, Fast food, Puffing food, Bake food and Soft food etc.

· Ginger oil can be used As the essence of supplies used in Cosmetics, Toothpaste, Soap, Hand sanitizer, Shampoo and Body wash etc.

· Ginger oil can be used in Aromatherap, SPA , Body, Hair and lose weight etc.

· Ginger oil has Function Foods: antioxidant;ginger oil is as a treatment of migraine headaches, rheumatism and arthritis; ginger oil is activating blood circulation, aphrodisiac and antithrombotic; ginger oil can Anti-tumor, especially Skin Cancer.

 · Ginger oil can be used in Medicine: ginger oil is antibacterial and antiphlogistic; ginger oil can Prevent carsick seasick and athletic nausea; ginger oil can be Single or compound materials of Chinese medicine..

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