2HP surge aerator, surface aerator with factory price and high quality, aerators for aquaculture

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1.The round design of floating body can make the output water erupt upward to show us the boiling water at a certain area,enhance the water's contact with the air .It's eruption form the water surface aeration and the bottom surface dissolved oxygen and increase the water's aeration amount .

2.Secondly , in the process of the water's eruption, it passes the motor to let the motor and the gear box are kept in the state of water cooling .Then the motor is not hot after it works long to ensure the motor doesn't burn out with long time working and increase the electric current .So it can work normally at over the lower electric current of 330V.

3.Tested by National Center for Quality Supervision of Fishing Machines, it's aeration function is higher than 2.3kg(O2)/KW.H. It's the fastest one among the products with domestically same power .

Working Principle

High-speed-working impellers splash the water into the air → these splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and brought into the water → the dissolved oxygen in the water increase.
The working impellers produce waves and currents → make the saturated ammounia, CO2, methane, sulfureted hydrogen, etc. go out of the water → the water quality improved.

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Motor gear box and other components of wooden box packaging, impeller, floating ship bulk. Reducing volume is more beneficial to transportation.
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How is the directly effective depth and effective water length of the sunshine paddle wheel aerators?
1.Directly effective depth:
A1: 1HP paddle wheel aerator is 1M from the water level
2HP paddle wheel aerator is 1.5M from the water level
2.Effective water length :
A2: 1HP:40 Meters
2HP:70 Meters
During the strong water circulation ,oxygen can be dissolved into the water to 2-3 meters depth.The paddle wheel could also concentrate the waste ,splash out the gas ,adjust the water temperature and help the decomposition of organic matters.

How many units fo paddle wheel aerators to be use in the shrimp ponds?
1.According to the stocking density:
B1: 1HP should be used 8 units in one HA pond if the stocking is 30pcs /square meter.
2.According to harvesting tons:
B2: If the harvest expected is 4 Tons per HA should be installed in the pond 4 units of 2HP paddle wheel aerator;the other words is 1 Ton/1set.

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