CE certificate Producing CuSO4`5H2O from waste copper production line

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Product Overview


CE certificate Producing CuSO4`5H2O from waste copper production line




Our this machine using liquid gas jet pump, the solution of oxygen, the oxygen in the air can realize the emulsion mixed with solution and solution chemistry oxidation, accelerated the speed of copper can dissolve in dilute sulphuric acid, higher than that of the conventional method of dissolved copper, more than eight times in soluble copper chemical reaction heat can maintain the temperature, the chemical reactions needed to dissolve copper process using low acidity, and the role of microbubble layer on the surface of cover, can make the solution and the evaporation capacity of sulfuric acid, be suppressed, thus to further improve the direct recovery of copper in and effect on the improvement of the environment.


The flow chart of our Producing CuSO4`5H2O from waste copper production line


Equipment advantages


1.Monomer can be run, do not need other air compressor, boiler and other supporting facilities

2.High efficiency, since the heat run, atmospheric pressure equipment

3.Less land needed

4.Automatic oil removal, etc

5.Occupy less raw material quantity, occupy less money

6.Simple operation, mechanization, simple maintenance

7.Can provide one year free technical support in the contract


The usages of CuSO4/CuSO4·5H2O



Certificate of CuSO4/CuSO4.5H2O from our Producing CuSO4`5H2O from waste copper production line


Our CE certificate




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