Insulated building glass 5+9A+5 clear tempered glass roof panels prices

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Price:RUB 787.13 - RUB 3,935.64
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Product Overview


Factory supply tempered insulated glass

The insulating glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. Two or more pieces of glass are bonded and sealed with sealing strips and glass strips by high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive. The middle is filled with dry gas, and the frame is filled with a desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. Various original glass sheets with different properties can be selected according to requirements, such as colorless transparent float glass embossed glass, heat absorbing glass, heat reflecting glass, wired glass, tempered glass, etc. and frame (aluminum frame or glass strip, etc.). Made by cementing, welding or welding.

Product Name
Frame Material
aluminum alloy
Facade Material
Insulating Tempered Glass
Roof Material
Glued glass, Coated glass, High insulation float glass and other materilas
Roof Structure
Herringbone, Flated, Ploygon and so on
Technology Support
Make design and offer installation video
1.Thermal performance
2. Energy-saving building materials
3. Sound insulating
4. No dewing in low temperature
5. Create aesthetic scene to building

Heat preservation
Insulation of insulated glass means reducing indoor heat through its outdoor area during the winter, and the smaller the thermal resistance, the better the thermal insulation performance. If the glass is coated with a low-emission film, the radiation emissivity can be reduced to 0.1, and in winter, the heat radiated from the room will be reduced to provide better insulation.

Anti-condensation & Reducing Cold Radiation
Inside the insulated glass, there is a desiccant that can absorb water molecules, and the gas is dry; when the temperature is lowered, condensation does not occur inside the insulated glass, and the dew point temperature of the outer surface of the glass also rises. This is the biggest difference between insulated glass and double glass.

Insulated glass for curtain wall production process: Cutting Line ---Edge Polishing Line---Drilling Line—Tempering Line--Heat Soak Test Furnace---Insulated Line ---Packing. Dayang Glass strictly controls all aspects of the insulated glass production process. Here are the production processing pictures of dayang insulated glass:
mainly used for exterior glass decoration: heating, air conditioning, noise blocking, condensation, and buildings that require no
direct sunlight and special light sources. It is widely used in residential, hotel, hotel, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops, etc. Not only that, but insulated glass can also be used for doors and windows on trains and cars, ships, freezer cabinets, etc. It is possible to reach the laboratory standard with vacuum double-layer tempered glass!
Energy transfer in insulating glass:
There are three ways of energy transfer in insulating glass: radiation transfer, convection transfer, and conduction transfer.

Radiation transfer

Radiation transfer is the transfer of energy through radiation in the form of radiation, including radiation such as visible
light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light, just like the transmission of sunlight. A properly configured insulating glass and a
reasonable thickness of the insulating glass spacer layer can minimize the transfer of energy through the form of radiation, thereby reducing energy loss.

Convective transfer is due to the temperature difference between the two sides of the glass, causing the air to fall on the cold side and rise on the hot side, resulting in convection of the air, resulting in the loss of energy. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: 
1. First, the sealing of the glass and the surrounding frame system is poor, so that the gas inside and outside the window frame can be directly exchanged to produce convection, resulting in loss of energy; 
2. second, the internal space structure design of the insulating glass Unreasonable, the gas inside the insulating glass is convected due to the temperature difference, and the energy is exchanged to generate energy loss. 
3. Third, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the window constituting the whole system is large, so that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the insulating glass is also Larger, the air first generates convection on both sides of the insulating glass by the action of cold radiation and heat conduction, and then passes through the hollow glass as a whole to form a loss of energy. A reasonable hollow glass design can reduce the convection of the gas, thereby reducing the convective loss of energy.

Conduction transfer
Conductive transmission is the movement of the molecules of the object, which drives the energy to move, and achieves the purpose of transmission, just like cooking with iron pots and soldering things with electric iron. The conduction of energy through the insulating glass is through the glass and its interior. The air is done. We know that the thermal conductivity of glass is 0.77 W/mk. The thermal conductivity of air is 0.028 W/mk. It can be seen that the thermal conductivity of glass is 27 times that of air, and the presence of active molecules such as water molecules in the air is the conduction and convective transfer properties that affect the energy of the insulating glass. The main factor, thus improving the sealing performance of the insulating glass,
is an important factor to improve the thermal insulation performance of the insulating glass.
The Aluminium Alloy
Packing & Delivery
180 (L) * 50 (W) * 130 (D)
1.5T/wooden crates

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
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2019 Doha Big 5 Construction
In September 2019, we successfully participated in the Doha BIG5 Building Materials Exhibition. At the exhibition, customers were very interested in our various architectural glass. From interior decorative glass to outdoor curtain wall glass, many customers found their own special glass. Dayang provided very high quality and very reasonable prices, which provided favorable assistance for the development of the local construction industry. Looking forward to next year's exhibition!

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