Sinolift CPD-SCE full electric light duty stacker with forged forks

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Product Description

 CPD05SEC Economic Counter-Balance Stackers

1.Price is so low that procurement cost is greatly reduced.

2.Labor-saving:less labor required because of high transport efficiency.

3.Operation simplified: less and high returns can be achieved by this Counter-Balance Stacker. NO more sweating.


· Tilting mast.

· Side shift.

· Full free lift.

· Electronic power steering.

· Driver platform.

· Weighing system.

· Attachments.

· Hydraulic clamp.

· Side battery extraction.

· Deep freeze or explosion proof protection.

Model CPD05SEC-1600CPD0.5SEC-2500CPD0.5SEC-3000
Operate type WalkieWalkieWalkie
Load centermm400400400
Lifting heightmm70~160070~250070~3000
Fork Sizemm800800800
Turing radiusmm115011501150
Overall fork widthmm160~650160~650160~650
Travel speedkm/h2.5/3.02.5/3.02.5/3.0
lift speedmm/s145/80145/80145/80
Driving motorkw1.61.61.6
Lifting motorkw2.22.22.2



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Why Choose Us

1- We're a material handling company, a pioneer in the industry in China, we've been leading the Chinese warehouse equipment industry since 2001. Sinolift products have been delivered to more than 80 countries. 


2- We are unique, which means you will have a unique partner with unique trucks in the market, in long term. We are not assembling, 95% core parts are produced by ourselves, for example EPS, Hydraulic units, driving units are all produced by Sinolift, the only one in China. And Sinolift is keeping on investing 30% of its margin on R&D. At present, Sinolift is the only producer who delivers EPS as standard on most models. 


3- Strict Quality Control: 48 hours 100% inspection of electronic parts test, 100% Quality Control before delivery, including Noisy, Driving, Lifting, and Welding inspection. Sinolift Quality has been accepted by world market, 13 world famous brand names are cooperating with Sinolift.  


4- Full range products, High-Quality and economic models are both available from Sinolift, we have resources to help our partners to open the market easily. 


5- Sinolift has a whole set of failure predication, repair, maintenance data which will reduce 60% of the dealer's after-sale service cost. 


6- Universal core parts and design between different models. Structure of Sinolift products and 80% core parts are universal between different models, which will reduce greatly service parts stock and make the job of service people much easier.


7- Most parts are available, no matter assembly or small components, because it’s produced by Sinolift itself. You don’t need to replace any assembly when its components are damaged, which will help to save 90% of the replacements parts cost sometimes. 


8- Fast. Fast delivery time, Fast service and communication. Within one hour Sinolift will respond and within 3 hours we will offer the solution. Less than 15 days standard delivery time for electric products.   


9- We don’t ask more though we do much better! We offer reasonable price level! 


10- We're honest and straight forward at work because that's the way we are in our homes, we keeps loyal to our partners!


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