herbal natural breast enlargement beauty breast pill

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herbal natural breast enlargement beauty breast pill



1. Has the very good breast enhancement effect;(The main)

2. Adjust the female hormone, relieve women menstrual discomfort;

3. Decreased chloasma, fade acne;

4. Can make the skin delicate, moist, luster, increase skin elasticity, improve bulky pore, dramatically reduce wrinkles;

5. Improve the menopausal women in trouble, keep a healthy body and appearance;

6. Mood be agitated, palpitations, hot flashes improved significantly.





1. Promote mammary gland and gland bubble development increases, Pueraria mirifica contains isoflavones can mimic 

estrogen stimulate mammary gland and gland bubble effectively, prompt it to increase development;

2. Fat accumulation in the chest, isoflavones can mimic estrogen, to guide of body fat, both will shift the body fat in

 another part of the chest;

3. Restore the breast skin elasticity, pueraria mirifica contains isoflavones have the function of the moist skin, 

restore skin elasticity.So can help breast to become strong.









breast capslue






Gauge: 30grains/ bottle


Usage: 2 times a day, every time one grain, morning and evening after dinner.


Matters needing attention:


1. Pregnancy and lactation women can't take it;


2. Menstruation stop taking,After continue to take;


3. Teenagers under 18 women should ban the use of wild puerarin;


4. Patients with hyperthyroidism or other thyroid diseases, The ovary, uterus, or other banning

   the use of tumor patients.


5. During the period of breast enhancement, please do not take diet pills and birth control pills

   at the same time, Because can lead to a loss of nutrients, thus affecting breast enhancement effect.


6. Don't take coffee and alcoholic beverages (After one hour can be drink).






In the 1980 s, experts found in Thailand: Thailand Peuraria candollei Grah lobata has rare,special ordinary food breast

enhancement effect and improve the effect of dysmenorrhea.Thai authorities had tracking survey for 20 to 45 years old

women whose eat thailand Peuraria candollei Grah, The results show that: 90% women had the breast has improved,

the best a month increased by 5 cm. Because is the natural inducing grain produce positive effects on the body's natural

secretion system, So even if stop using, breast enhancement effect will not die.

Kwao Krua Khao Underground  root contains phytoestrogens, Since the ancient times has been as Thailand's traditional folk

women recovery and breast enhancement recipe.It is believed that the puerarin is the medicine of  middle-aged men and

women to restore youth.









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