Rubber ceramic chute lining ceramic rubber composite lining ceramic

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Ceramic rubber composite liner is embedded in special rubber brick or cylindrical wear-resistant corundum ceramics, with the CN layer or steel bolts welded steel bolts connected to form a bushing. The bushing is suitable for all kinds of funnels, has strong wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, is the most advanced wear materials, widely used in power plants, coal, mining, ports and other large pieces of material conveying the funnel, bin, etc

Ceramic lining plate series: the ceramic ball plate is a small square ceramic vulcanized surface with a hemispherical surface. The
lining plate is fixed in the equipment with high strength organic bond or bolt in special rubber, forming a strong anti-wear layer
with both abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Ceramic rubber composite lining plate is the use of hot curing process will
wear resistant ceramic vulcanization in the rubber, and then through adhesive paste in the inner wall of the equipment. The
product has both ceramic wear resistance and rubber impact resistance performance, suitable for normal temperature material
conveying system equipment wear resistance, can withstand a certain impact, and non-stick material is not blocked.
This product can cut and bend by itself, convenient and quick installation, suitable for various shapes of equipment. In order to
facilitate the customer's own installation and replacement, the bolted steel plate and the lining plate can be vulcanized together
to form a ceramic rubber steel plate vulcanized lining plate.
Wear resistance: 10 times wear-resistant than ordinary pipelines under the same conditions
Corrosion resistance: ceramic lining and inorganic adhesive can resist acid and alkali corrosion
Erosion resistance: it can resist erosion of larger particles without breaking.
Smooth inner and outer wall: smooth surface allows material to pass freely without hanging and blocking.
Easy installation: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipeline, easy to carry, save manpower, easier and faster installation, can easily
set up the pipeline higher; Reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save the cost of materials;
Reduce maintenance: super wear resistance makes maintenance frequency greatly reduced, saving cost and labor cost.

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