container GPS seal GPS tracking device Anti Hammer

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Product Description

Smart Electronic Lock JT705 Electronic container security lock tracker Anti Hammer

JT705 is suitable for container safety, container logistics tracking management, asset remote control, is an innovative container security and tracking products, using GPRS, GPS, new technology mobile phone Blue tooth, static and dynamic password unlock, providing cloud Platform + hardware + sensor Integration Services to cargo transport companies, customs import and export, large-scale cargo companies.

Smart Electronic Lock JT705 Installation Instruction

Application Scene:
Cargo transportation companies, large cargo companies such as supermarkets, transport agents, customs and Import and Export Corporation

Main Features

1 GPS positioning, GSM positioning.

2 Remote password unlock instruction via platform or SMS.

3 Through the mobile phone Blue tooth app to send the scene password unlock instructions.

4 support static password and dynamic password, static password is valid for a long time, the dynamic password uses once after expiration.

5 The lock outside the fence, can only be unlocked within the designated surrounding, through configuration tools and platform instructions configuration.

6 Terminal and driver vehicle information binding, through configuration tools and platforms and mobile phone blue tooth app command configuration.

7 Alarm for illegal unlock

8 Strong-type grip structure design, the lock can not be easily destroyed.


Cargo Transportation Company

Through the vehicle real-time positioning and tracking, to transport vehicles reasonable and effective, improve the vehicle utilization rate; At any time to master the vehicle mileage and driver's driving behavior, through the remote platform or mobile phone messages unlocked, to strengthen the driver's bad behavior control. Ultra-strong grip-type electronic lock, can not be easily destroyed, to ensure the safety of transport;

Large cargo companies such as supermarkets

Non-specified position prohibits drivers or related supervisors from unlocking, guaranteeing the safety of goods in transit, and preventing the goods from being stolen; Support mobile phone app Blue tooth unlock function, to avoid in the warehouse or transfer station and other network signal bad areas can not even unlock the situation; illegal unlocking, such as smashing locks, saw locks and other acts can trigger alarms, pass to the platform or app, timely and effective processing;

Transportation Agency Company

Through the platform or mobile phone app at any time to the device to bind the driver's information, flexible deployment of matching vehicles and drivers resources, improve the utilization of resources, positioning data and vehicle running status in a timely manner to save, can be after the vehicle accident retrospective investigation;

Customs Import and export

Through mobile terminals to receive dynamic password unlock, to solve a large number of container passwords too single or too much to detect the problem of smooth clearance, improve the efficiency of customs clearance inspection, so that through the vehicle more smoothly; non-port location is not allowed to unlock, to ensure the safety of goods from the warehouse to the port throughout the way.


Basic Functions
Illegal Unlock Alarm
Standby Wake-up Function
IP67 Proof
Remote Restart
Built-in Large Capacity Chargeable Battery
Real-time Tracking& Location

Host Machine Sizes
String Longitude
Working Temperature
-20°C -- 70°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C -- +85°C
Relative Humidity
Charging Voltage

Operating Current
Main-Board Average Current<120mA

Main-Board Standby Current<4mA

Battery Capacity
GPS Antenna
2G Antenna
SIM Card Slot
Micro SIM Card
GPS、GSM、Charging 3 LED Light

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Payment & Delivery

Payment & Delivery

We accept multi-channel payment method according to your requirement. And supports diversified modes of transport as shown in the left.

Our Company

Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, registered trademark ‘jointech’, and formally listed on three new board in February 2016 , with stock code: 835897.

The company is focused on providing networking segments in mobile asset monitoring and management solutions, and is committed to become the industry's leading mobile asset management solution providers and operators. After years of development and accumulation, the company has developed a complete set of intelligent hardware and mobile asset management software cloud management platform, providing the market with software and hardware products and services, which is advanced, practical, and regard energy consumption and asset security management as the core value.

Leading by an engineer with more than 30 years experience in auto control field, our R&D team keep pace with the most advanced technology in the world, and developed many unique products and software with patents. The R&D team have been working closely with partners in these 55 countries and regions, also cooperated with graduate institutes from Shenzhen University, etc. Our R&D team is made up of more than 30 engineers with Senior and Midlevel technical qualification, and divided into: Hardware Group, Software Group, Testing Group, Project Group, and project planning group; Jointech keep putting 8% ~ 15% of sales volume into R&D every year.

Jointech has build advanced assemble line with yearly capacity 100,000 fuel level sensors, The first automatic testing machine in China for high precision fuel level sensor with testing capacity 500pcs per day.

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