Gold Tailings Processing slurry mining centrifugal thickener tank

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Product Overview



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Product Description

NZS thickener is a new High-rate thickener with central-drive, automatic lifting rake that we have developed based on foreign technology .It is widely applicable to treatment of various industrial feed pulp, like coals, metal ore dressing water, metallurgy, chemical, tailings treatment, environmental protection etc.


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The high efficiency concentrator produced by our company is suitable for removing the water in the ore concentrate and the tailings in the ore beneficiation plant and it can concentrate the ore pulp from 20-30% to about 40-70%. This high efficiency concentrator is widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, coal, non-metal ore beneficiation and environmental protection industry.

The Performance Characteristics 

(1) Add flocculating agent to increase the grain size of the falling solid particles to accelerate the falling process.

(2) Install an inclined board to shorten the falling distance of the ore particles and increase the falling area.

(3) Perform the functions of flocculating, filtering, concentrating and improving the processing quantity.

(4) High efficiency concentrator is equipped with comprehensive automatic control device.


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The Structure 

 thickener 01.jpg


Packaging & Shipping

NZS-24m Thickener exported to Mexico for copper mining processing 

 NZS-24m Thickener exported to Armenia  for copper mining processing 


Working Principle

The high efficiency concentrator is mainly composed of round concentration basin and rake scraper. The solid particles hanging in the ore pulp of the concentration basin fall under the gravity and the upper part will be clear water, so that the solid particles will be separated from the liquid. The slurry deposited on the bottom of the concentration basin is continuously scrapped by the rake scraper to central discharging port of the bottom of the basin and discharged, and the clear water will overflow along the upper edge of the concentration basin.


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Technical Parameters
SpecificationConcentration pond (m)Deposit square(m2)Harrow partMotorProcessing capacity (t/d)Total weight(t)
ModelSpecificationInner diameterDepthPond degreeMethodHeight(m)Rotation time(min/r)DrivingLifting
NZS-1Φ1.8m1.81.82.54Manual0.162Y90L-6 1.1KW----5.61.8
NZS-3Φ3.6m3.61.810.2Manual0.352.5Y90L-6 1.1KW----22.44.1
NZS-6Φ6m6328.3Manual0.23.7Y90S-4 1.1KW----6210.2
NZSF-6Φ6m6328.3Manual----3.7Y90S-4 1.1KW----624.8
NZ-9Φ9m9363.6Auto0.254.34Y132S-6 3KWXWD0.8-3 0.8KW1408.1
NZS-9Φ9m9363.6Manual0.254.34Y132S-6 3KW----1407.1
NZS-12Φ12m123.5113Manual0.255.28Y132S-6 3KW----25010.5
NZ-15Φ15m154.4176Auto0.410.4JTC752A-44 5.2KWY112M-6 2.2KW35024.7
NZ-20Φ20m204.4314Auto0.410.4JTC752A-44 5.2KWY112M-6 2.2KW96027.5
NZ-30Φ30m307.165707----0.6113.7Y100L1-4 2.2×2KWYCJ132-S 1.5KW----34.8
NZS-45Φ45m454.6361590Manual----20JTC672A-44 5.2KWYCJ160-S 2.2KW51551.8
NT-15Φ15m153.5177--------8.4Y132M2-6 5.5KW----39012
NQ-18Φ18m183.5255--------10Y132M2-6 5.5KW----56011
NQ-24Φ24m243.4452--------12.7Y160M-6 7.5KW----100025.3
NG-30Φ30m303.6707 ----16Y160M-6 7.5KW----157029.4
NJ-38Φ38m384.91134--------10-25JZT252-4 11KWY160M-6 7.5KW160060.2
NT-45Φ45m455.051590Auto----19.3Y160L-6 11KW----240063.6
NT-100Φ100m1005.657846--------43Y180L-6 15KW----3030204.6
Company Information

Henan Xingyang Mining Machinery Manufactory,(The original Xingyang Mining Factory) was founded in 1956,is one of the original metallurgical bureau sentiel manufacturers.We are member units of china’s Heavy Machinery Industry Association;Our company have participated in standard setting of the ministry of severval products,the enterprise have standard drafting spiral classifier production quality grading JB/T53598-1999,agitation tank JB/19034-1999,agitation tank production quality granding JB/T53603-1999 and mine impeller flpation machine JB/T1655-2008.Our company located in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou Henan province,Xingyang City,before the factory is 310national highways,north plant is the Longhai railway and Kaifeng-Luoyang highway 25way from zheng zhou .


Our factory has being specialized in manufacturing whole set of beneficiation equipment,also supplying the equipment forcement,chemical,construction material industry.And our main products are,jaw crusher,hammer crusher,roller crusher,impactcrusher,rod mill,and whole-frame high -efficiency saving-energy ball mill,rotary kiln,rotary dryer,cooler,pelletizer,vibrstingscreen,spiral classifier,high efficiency saving-energy flotation machine,mining agitator,feeder,filter,thickener,elevator conveyor,etc.





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3. Training & service.

Training is FREE to every customer. Whenever you need us, for installation, maintenance, or proper use of our company machines, we will be right there for you. In addition, we provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.


4. If you are new for this business, I will help you.

Many thanks for your trust; we can provide you with the pre-services of design scheme for complete production lines, spot inspection and operator training according to your demands and the conditions of applied spot, we can help you choose the right equipments, drilling rig, Loader, trucks, excavators and so on


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