RuiHe 98% Fume Removal Rate Electrostatic Precipitator Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

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Product Overview


Air pollution is cutting global life expectancy by an average of 1.8 years per person, making it the world’s top killer. While we cannot control outdoor air quality, we can choose to protect us and create a clean commercial kitchen. DR.AIRE Electrostatic Precipitator ESP's mission is to create healthy indoor commercial kitchen for people.



ESP details install

                            WORKING   PRINCIPLE    


1. The dirty air first passes through a pre-filter. Large particles of oil are filtered.

2. The air then passes into the high voltage ionise section where the particulates are charged to a positive potential. And then the air passes into low voltage collector cell

section where the particulates are charged to a negative potential. So the particulates are attracted to the collector plates effectively.

3. The particulates remain on the plates or drain down in to the sump.


4. The cleaned air exits through the cabinet.








Product Advantage

1. Odor, smoke, oil control efficiently
2. Modular in design:  
Modular units allow to vertical/horizontal stacking combination as per different air flow or removal efficiency rate request. 

3. Intellegent electrostatic power control system

    Electric intensity auto-control function ensures the Kitchen ESP Collector unit maintains a high purification rate after a long time service.
4. Photolysis and odor removal:  High power UV tube will remove food odor more efficiently. 

                                          DGRH-K  Single Pass ESP parameter 

NO. Model Air Flow 
Cabinet Size 
L*W*H  (mm)
Flange Size 




 1 DGRH-K-3500(U) 3000-3500    640*765*690   485*530   93-98%   110
 2 DGRH-K-7000(U) 6000-7000    640*1300*690   1020*530   93-98%   176
 3 DGRH-K-10500(U) 9000-10500    640*1835*690   1560*530   93-98%   242
 4 DGRH-K-14000(U) 12000-14000   640*1300*1380    485*1210   93-98%   330
 5 DGRH-K-21000(U) 18000-21000  640*1835*1380  1020*1210   93-98%   484
 6 DGRH-K-31500(U) 27000-31500  640*1835*2070   1560*1890   93-98%  726




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2020 about us


Dongguan Rui zhaohe Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers in China,specialized in manfacturing commercial, industial air pollution control machines.


DR AIRE is our brand,main products: commercial kitchen electrostatic precipitator (ESP), HVAC UVC lamp, mobile  Uv Sterilization Lamp,mobile cooking station ,BBQ cart with Smoke filter, industrial Esp, ductless range hood,coffee Roasters smoke filter ,CNC oil mist collectorand etc.

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