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Iron powder description

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iron powder electrolytic 300 mesh sponge chemical formula uses of in kg iron powder price ton

The carbonyl iron powder is used to react with iron in high temperature and high pressure, producing 5 carbonyl iron oil, and then being separated by low pressure to get the product.It can be shipped by annealing and oxidation treatment.When the temperature is 200 ℃, 200 bar under the condition of carbonyl synthesis reaction is as follows(iron powder price ton)
Fe + 5CO = Fe (CO) 5
Carbonyl iron at 300 ℃, 1 bar under the condition of decomposition for Fe and CO
Fe(CO)5= Fe+5CO
Performance: uses of iron powder has the features of spheroider particles, wee particle size and high purity. The dust core made of it is excellent magnetic material. It is a kind of gray or silver gray hyperfine powder in irregular shape.

Iron powder index

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 Iron powder images

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Carbonyl iron powder general properties: 

High chemical pure uses of iron powder

0.1-10 micron primary particle iron powder price ton

Excellent electromagnetic properties

High flowability, dispersibility and consistency

Spherical particle, onion skin  structure

High activity, compressibility and excellent sintering properties

Iron powder application

1. Conventional uses of iron powder metallurgy and injection molding;
2. Iron powder core;
3. Diamond tool;
4. Diamond catalyst;
5. Microwave absorbing materials;
6 . High-performance magnetic recording materials;
7. Magnetic fluid.

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Iron powder  progress

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Iron powder packing & delivery

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We have iron powder ISO9001 quality management system certification.

We have uses of iron powder a professional team and technical personnel, can solve all the problems you meet iron powder price ton.

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