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Product Overview


XRF Gold Analyzer

The XRF Gold Analyzer is widely used for the analysis of precious metal purity, authenticity and metallization thickness.

The XRF Gold Analyzer can accurately analyze the purity of four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium, analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.

It can also test what kind of metal this is (except for Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, which cannot be tested for metal purity).

The whole process only needs to put the precious metal to the test area and analyze it without destroying the original precious metal to avoid the loss of precious metals.

What can it do? 

1. Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium purity


2. Analysis of metal types (excluding purity test) 


3. Testing the thickness of metal coating 




Excited SourceUltra low power X-ray tube, air cooling
Collimator1-2mm or according to the customer’s requirement
X-ray Generator50kV 1mA
DetectorHigh resolution detector
Processing Electronics1.2GB CPU with integrated FPU with 2GB RAM; DPP and MCA
Data DisplayHigh resolution Color QVGA resolution with touch screen; 7 Inch
Data Storage32GB SDD
Data TransferUSB interface with many equipment; WIFI
SoftwareBased on Microsoft Windows system (Win7 and Win8) easy operating, only to press "Start" button, then results will be shown on screen. No need more standard samples for calibration.
Analysis Time5s to 120s
Analytical Tolerance0.01% ~ 0.3% (average)
Detection Elements RangeAu, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu. (Zn and Ni will be calculated in Cu; Cd will be calculated in Ag)
Working VoltageDC12V
Power Supply ModeAC100V - 240V,DC12V(vehicle power supply or Li-ion battery)
Environmental Temp Range-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Dimensions40*30*27cm (floor space <2 pieces of A4 paper)
Standard AccessoryPolish kits; Operating pen; DC12V power supply; Manual; CD; Jewelry holder
Optional AccessoryReference calibration samples; USB micro-printer; Micro-wireless keyboard and mouse; Vehicle power supply DC converter


Feature and Benefits 

1. All-in-one and Wireless Access: The machine and the controlling computer are combined together, which is simple and concise. Its compact, portable, space-saving, streamline body designs with high quality make it an excellent value of long-life usage and low maintenance. Supporting Wifi allows it to be convenient for us to remote control.


2. Accurate (Analysis Results Close To Fire Assay Results): Using unique optical technology and calculation method to ensure analysis results close to Fire Assay. Analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.


3. Multilevel Protections from X-ray: Using unique design to seal x-ray in the chamber totally, making sure the operators’ safety. There are multilevel safety protection systems.

  1. Ultra low power x-ray tube

  2. Fully enclosed metal box

  3. Automatically X-ray switch off

  4. Inner cover with stepped construction and so on


4. USB Interface and DC 12V Power Supply: It is very convenient to connect external equipment with USB interface, such as printer, keyboard, and mouse. It can be charged with vehicle power supply and battery. It is available to use it outside.


5. Completely Intelligent Analysis: The operation is very simple. And it doesn’t require the operator to have professional knowledge. The operator just needs to put the sample on the measurement window and click “measurement start” without choosing the working curve or calculate method. Then the intelligent analysis system will report the sample purity automatically.


6. Less Standard Samples for Calibration: All XRF analyzers need a certain quantity of standard samples for calibration to ensure the accurate analysis. Our analyzer only needs several samples for calibration and gives perfect results close to Fire Assay.


7. No Restriction to Samples’ Size and Shape: With small X-ray spot, it can test samples of different size and shape, even when the sample is a pin. It also supplies average function so that customers can be easy to get big sample's results, such as gold bar.


8. Unique Parts Protection System: Having unique technology to protect important parts and keep their lives longer.


9. Rapid Analysis: Only taking several seconds to get accurate results.


10. Visible: There is a camera in the analyzer, so customers can see X-ray spot position from computer screen. And it is easy to print report with analysis point photo.


11. Innovative Ideas: Many innovative ideas are integrated into hardware and software, so we have many utility functions to meet different customers, requirements. But our innovation is always plagiarized by some competitors.  





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