Outdoor amusement park rides Playground game Carnival machine 30m 42m 50m 60m 65m 72m 88m ferris wheel for sale

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Product Overview


Outdoor amusement park rides Playground game Carnival machine 30m 42m 50m 60m 65m 72m 88m ferris wheel for sale

Product Description
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1.The Introduction of Hotfun Giant Ferris Wheel:

Hotfun Giant Ferris wheel (also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel) is a large-scale mechanical structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. Passengers in the cabin or gondola will gradually rise and fall rotating 360 degrees along with turn of the wheel and overlook the beautiful landscape from height. As a mixture of sight view and entertainment functions, the ferris wheel ride wins warm praise from tourists at home and abroad. The thrilling ride or family ride is widely used in theme park, amusement center, carnival and fun fair, etc.

According to operating mechanism difference, fair ferris wheels can be divided into gravity ferris wheel and observation wheel. Cockpits of gravity ferris wheel are hung on the wheel, maintaining horizontal level by virtue of gravity; while, carts of observation wheel are suspended outside the wheel, which requires more complex connecting rod mechanical structure to remain level accompanied by gondola circling. The operating principle of ferries wheel is as follows: the motor transforms high rotation speed and low torque mechanical power into high torque and low rotation speed mechanical power under the action of reducer. Then the mechanical power is transferred to wheel disc through tire or other intermediary organization with elasticity and strength.

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2.The Parameter of Hotfun Giant Ferris Wheel:


Model No.








Wheel Diameter


Floor Area






12 pcs








14 pcs








18 pcs








24 pcs








32 pcs







36 pcs






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3.The Technique Advantages of Hotfun Giant Ferris Wheels

1. Ferris wheel is a necessary equipment in outdoor and indoor playground, theme park, square, kindergarten, funfair, building area, etc..
2. Due to the continuous and slow rotation wheel, passengers can hop on or hop off, very safe and convenient
3. Passengers enjoy watching the surrounding scenery, beautiful scenery and landscapes of the earth, relaxed and satisfied.
4. This machine is very popular among the kids,lovers and staff.
5. Excellent after-sales service.

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Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail:

Standard package with plastic film, we can also pack it according to your requirements with wooden case or steel frame.

Delivery Detail:

60 days after 30% deposited payment ( 30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment)



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Zhengzhou Hotfun Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, is the renowned and professional designer and manufacturer of quality amusement rides for sale in China. Zhengzhou Hotfun Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.as the top amusement rides manufacturers in China, is the expert in manufacturing big amusements rides,kiddie amusement rides , amusement park water rides for sale, inflatable rides and other amusement park equipment. Especially, Hotfun Amusement Equipment does well in developing, designing and manufacturing the best children amusement rides for sale and is one of the best kiddie rides manufacturers in China, even in the foreign countries. Our products are widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places. Welcome to the around users to consult for field visit. Complete specifications, reasonable structure and good quality are well received by customers. The indicators of product are in line with national quality standard of amusement rides.

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