Hoist motor of electric lifting platform for external wall construction of high rise building

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Product Overview


Product description
Name of accessories included
Type and attribute characteristics
Suspension platform
Loading capacity is 630 kg, 800 kg, 1000 kg.
It can go from one meter to six meters.
Suspension bracket
Rated extension of 1.5 meters
A total of two
The support carries the weight of the platform.
Electric hoist
LTD 63
Two sets
380 volts /
1.5 kilowatts
Electric control panel
3 contactor
1 sets
Safety voltage 36 volts
Safety lock
LS 30
Two pairs
Lock rope angle3°-8°
Large rope/Cable line
Polyester material twist type/3 fire lines, 1 ground wires, 1 zero lines.
1 roots/1 roots
100 meters
A wire rope
Diameter 8.3 mm
4 roots
100 meters per root

Electric lifting platform for external wall in high-rise building construction

Cantilever beam

The roof support used for the electric lifting platform of the high-rise building external wall is designed to carry the platform operation.

Electric hoist

Elevator is an electric lifting platform lifting mechanism, power 1.5 kW, each basket with two elevators, lifting speed of 9.5 meters per minute.

Electric control panel

The electronic control box is made of Zhengtai Electric Appliance, which is famous in China. The shell is made of galvanized shell. The quality is durable and not easy to be damaged.

Safety lock

The safety lock is the safety device of the electric lifting platform. It is made of stainless steel lock core with Dacromet shell. It will not rust and has high safety.

Our service

Go abroad to understand customer needs after sale

Setting up third party after-sales protection base in Eastern Europe

Our Company

Electric lifting platform is a kind of construction machinery used to do high-rise building exterior wall, convenient and flexible, greatly improve the efficiency of exterior wall operation and improve the safety of workers, but also for the exterior wall construction company to reduce costs.

Our Luwang platform company was founded in 2009, specializing in the production of electric lifting platform for the tenth anniversary, by domestic and foreign customers alike, looking forward to our electric lifting platform for the construction market around the world.

Our Luwang electric lifting platform is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. We look forward to friends from all over the world coming to visit our factory and discuss business. We will serve you with the utmost sincerity, provide the best products and the best service, let us win-win and work together to create a better future.

Australian customers to our Ru Wang electric platform manufacturers, inspection products business negotiations.

We went to Russia and Moscow to participate in mechanical equipment exhibition, and successfully worked with local customers.

We have a group photo taken by Lu Wang electric platform manufacturer with African customers.

All the staff of our LuWang electric lift platform are traveling.

Visiting local customers in Moscow


Inspection report of electric lifting platform

Membership card

9001 international quality management system certification


Single electric lifting platform loads the hoist into wooden boxes, electronic control boxes into cartons, placed in the middle, steel structure on the bottom and above, tied with a packing belt on the tray, and then wrapped with film, size 2m (long) * 1.2m (wide) * 1.2m (high)

The electric lifting platform is used to load the bulk cartons such as containers, electronic control boxes and elevators, and ensure that the goods are evenly distributed in the container. The size of the 40 foot cabinet is 12m (long) *2.35m (wide) *2.39m (high).

The steel structure is mounted on the pallet and fastened with a packing strap, and then wrapped with a thin film.

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