Garage floor tiles pp interlocking

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CE ISO standard parking area flooring, pp interlocking garage floor tiles custom colors car parking flooring

Our business area multifunctional modular floor tiles specializes in temporary and portable environments such as garage, trade fairs, corporate events, racing teams, release parties, concerts,dance floors, etc.
When all the tiles have been snapped and locked together, it creates a perfect system that can handle big temperature
swings.Optional Edging can also be added to create a seamless beautiful garage floor.

Interlocking tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these multiuse tiles typically includes:
Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the tiles when necessary.
Hose off or damp mop the floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked on dirt and/or stains

Multifunctional floor tiles FX-Garage18 Plus
Floor Size
400*400*18mm or as your require
Corner size:
400*60mm or as your require
600g/piece (+/-10g)
Loading Capacity
Chemical Resistant
Industrial strength, resistant to oil, gas, acid
Heat Resistant
2 Year (change new floor once broken within 2 year)
Life time
8 Years
Our FX-Garage Tiles are great for both commercial and residential use and have been used as flooring in garages, as workshop
flooring, in hangars, as flooring in commerical trucking facilities, as repair shop flooring, as patio flooring, and much more.

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As the professional and leading manufacturer, Hebei Fu Xuan Flooring Surface Co., Ltd specialized in sports flooring for sports courts, backyards, kindergarten, garage and so on for more than 10 years. Fu Xuan brand flooring based on Ground requirements which should meet the demand of activists pleasure, have to do the everyone feels enjoyable and comfortable. So we devote continuously to Research and development and improve the customer experience degree.No matter of the Durable environmental protection material, Advanced technology or detail of products, Fu Xuan Flooring can meet all the requirements of sports needs.Since 2008, we have successfully designed, manufactured and installed a large number of sports fields, sports halls and gymnasia in China and overseas and have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this subject.


Q & A

1. Will the interlocking tiles fade if used in an outdoor setting for 6 month?
Our FX-Garage Tiles are not UV stable, if you used outdoor, please inform us before purchasing. We would produce your product according to your order .

2. Do garage tiles need underlayment to reduce sound and shifting?
All of our garage flooring can be installed directly on concrete, but the use of an underlayment can be used for both sound
reduction and shifting.
Our hard plastic tiles in particular can be loud against the concrete floor, and many people prefer purchasing rubber underlayment to reduce the noise. If shifting does occur, rubber underlayment is often used prevent this.

3. Can garage tiles be power washed?
Garage tiles are super durable and can withstand the use of a power washer on them.

4.How do I replace a damaged garage tile?
New tiles can replace old tiles. We suggest you begin by lifting up each tile in a row or column until you are able to remove the damaged tile. Once replaced, simply lock each tile back into place.
For PVC tiles, simply pull up the old tile and replace it with a new one.

5. Will my garage floor stain?
Street tar can cause staining to light colored tiles and in most instances this staining can be remedied with a cleaner called Purple Power. If you have performance tires, staining can occur with any color other than black.
White or light garage tiles can stain from street tar and performance tires. Because of this, many of our customer
use a black parking area to avoid this issue.

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