SJ003 Performance Professional bellydance Silk veil for girl

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                                      Performance Professional bellydance Silk   veil for girl


Tips before purchase :

Silk scarf of belly dance is made of mulberry silk, it’s light-weighted and soft, semi-transparent, it touches very fine & smooth, full of graceful sense, with lighness & transparence, it’s very colorful and beautiful. The visual effect is very good, full of graceful & dynamic sense, the common chemical scarf or Chiffon Scarf or silk-like scarf can’t match with it.

Attention: it can’t touch water, can’t be washed, but you can have it dry cleaned ( because it’s dyed manually, if it falls into water or you wash it in water, it will mix the color.)

Protection method: after dancing, please fold it and place it well. Don’t knead it for placing. If so, you will find it wrinkled when you open it next time. If it’s really wrinkled, you can iron it (but the iron can’t touch water, can’t be too hot, you know well, if it’s too hot, the real silk will be ironed and damaged. )"

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