Plain velour door mat with PVC backing

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Product Overview


Plain velour door mat with PVC backing


Product Effects



Usage and features:

The door mat is Widely used in indoor and outdoor, home and business, thanks to the functions like absorbent, anti-slip, moisture-proof.




1)Use dust catcher clear the dust on the surface

2)Use soft brush brush the crumbles

3)Use detergent remove the stains on the mat


Usage: Using inside and outside the room, the large-scale market, the hotel......

Product Description


Production SpecificationPlain velour door mat with PVC backing
Item No.           LR
Surface Material     100%Polyester
Surface Weight      500g/Square meter
Backing Material     100%PVC
Backing Weight     2100g/Square meter
Backing thickness     1.25mm
Thickness           6-7mm
Size40*60cm,50*80cm,1.2m*15m etc.
MOQ          300 sqm/color


Industrial environment
Commercial buildings
Food processing areas
Main Benefits
Interchangeable top carpet for various applications
Effectively absorb petroleum-based liquids
Easy install and clean
Fits all kinds of surfaces
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1. Q: How do you clean the door mat locally?

A: We should pay attention to the local cleaning of the individual stains of the door mat: 1, wet the surrounding door mat with clean water first, in order to prevent the smear from expanding after it is wet. 2, when the stain is heavy, the effect is better with a soft brush than with a sponge. The brush should be used to reduce the damage to the fiber of the door mat. 3. The effect of the cleaning agent with warm water is better. 4, after the use of cleaner, it must be cleaned with clean water so as to reduce the corrosion of the door mat.


2. Q: Why to reduce the number of comprehensive cleaning of the door mat?

A: When cleaning the door mat is easy to damage, wear and tear on the door mat, 1 equipment; 2, corrosive chemicals on the door mat; 3, door mat moisture will shrink, deformation, mildew, fade, accelerate door mat aging, it is difficult to restore the original artistic charm of the door mat. So the door mat should not be washed too frequently.


3. QHow do the indentation on the door mat handle?

A: The indentation on the door mat with steam ironing, ironing and then brush and smooth.


4. QWhy should the door mat be cleaned regularly?

A:To keep the door mat clean (2) to avoid the accumulation of dust and the breeding of bacteria.


5. Q: Why is the door mat dry cleaning and wet washing?

A: Because the material of the door mat is different, some of the material will meet the shrinkage of the water and affect the overall beauty of the door mat; all the door mats can be dry cleaned.

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