Small waste tyre and plastic to biodiesel machine Huayin Plant

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Product Overview


Product Description

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials in the absence of oxygen. In the case of the pyrolysis of rubber tyres, the rubber degrades under high temperatures and long-chain hydrocarbons in rubber are broken down into compounds with shorter carbon chains in the reactor, yielding oil, gas and carbon black. Unlike incineration, the transformation of materials occurs under oxygen-free conditions. The oil from the reactor is collected and used as the feedstock for the subsequent refining process.

Pyrolysis process

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical treatment, which can be applied to any organic (carbon-based) product. In this treatment, material is exposed to high temperature, and in the absence of oxygen goes through chemical and physical separation into different molecules.

Put 10 tons waste into reactor after necessary decontamination processing and simple cutting, then close the door. Heat the reactor with wood, coal, oil or gas. When temperature reaches 100 degrees, pyrolysis starts in the reactor. And oil gas comes out from oil outlet. When oil gas from reactor goes through catalyst chamber, top cooling pipe, oil- waster separator, heavy oil is collected in the heavy oil tank. Other oil gas continue to go through high-power cooling system ( horizontal condenser) and cooling down , finally collect into the light oil tank. Uncondensable gas can be recycled to heat the pyrolysis machine reactor. When all the oil gas is extracted out, only carbon black and steel wire left in the reactor. After reactor cooling down, carbon black and steel wire slagging out automatically. Steel wire can be sold directly in the market to the steel factory. After process with a magnetic separator, carbon black mix with organic chemical adhesive can be used to make coal briquette. The calorific value reach to 6000 calories. It is a very good energy used to heat the reactor instead of wood , coal, gas , fuel.

Feeding raw material
2 hours
4 hours
oil producing 
10 hours
cooling reactor
4 hours
Discharging carbon black
2 hours
Pull steel wire out
0.5 hour
Total time for one batch
About 24 hours 

Output Oil 

Pyrolysis oil  
Pyrolysis Oil uses as substitute of Furnace Oil and can be used in Boiler Factories,glass factory , steel factory ,steel factory , Road Construction Unit (for making asphalt), Rolling Casting unit, Furnace Industries, Distillation units for converting diesel.
No.3 is bioidiesel (synthetic diesel )

6 sets 10 ton capacity Waste tyres /plastic to oil recycling machine installed in China Mainland.
Automatically carbon black discharging device enable carbon black discharged out in totally sealed condition , no pollution and save time .
Auto feeder machine feeding waste raw material with 50 ton hydraulic pressure , labour no need go inside of pyrolysis reactor , save feeding time and 100% safety. 

10 ton capacity tyre recycling to oil equipment installed in Srilanka
1. Reactor made of Q245R boiler steel plate, 16mm/18mm thickness.
2. Integrated design condensing system and dedusting device shorten the installation time and the welding quality can be ensured. besides , it is easy for transportation.
3. Pyrolysis oil can be used for heating the reactor , one set machine need 3-4 oil burners.
4 we have different grades dedusting devices to meet different countries emission standard.
5. A serious of safety devices to ensure the machine working smoothly.
6. Tail gas (can not be turned into liquid oil but combustible oil gas ) are go back to the furnace for second burning as heating fuel to heat the reactor , thus to prevent pollution. 

Suitable raw material
waste tyres , used plastic , PMMA , oil sludge ...etc
Oil Yield 
Depend on your raw material
Machine landing size
Width 10 meters , Length 30-40 meters.
4 workers per shift , 3 shifts per day
25 KW 
Coolng mode
recycle water cooling 
Reactor size 
2800mm*6600mm (10 tons capacity per day)
Capacity we provide 
1 ton , 5 ton , 6 ton , 8 ton , 10 ton , 15 ton , 20 ton , 30 ton
Our advantage

        1. Unique and original manufacturing and technology with our own formula of our equipments in China;
2. Unique horizontal design, high oil output with about 90% oil yield, highly effective and profitable;
3. Good quality end product oil as the substitution of standard diesel oil in usage;
Automatic submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, both manual and the automatic safety devices;
4. Sync gas recycling system: fully burned after recycling and utilization, saving fuel and preventing pollution;
5. National patent, unique heat insulation shell: high efficiency temperature keeping, excellent energy-saving effect;
6. Modular and fast installation type.

Packing and delivery

Shipped with one piece of 40'FR and two or three pieces of 40'HQ for one set of pyrolysis machine. 

Our Company

Founded in 1993, Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd uses a proprietary pyrolysis process to decompose hydrocarbon waste of different types with recovery of pyrolysis oil, syngas and dry residue (carbon black).

Huayin Energy focuses on equipment manufacturing, project development and turnkey facility operations.
Thermal Decomposition Plants manufactured by HUAYIN are efficient at:

1. Solid Waste Management: processing of rubber and used tires, OTR tires, plastic waste and other hydrocarbons;
2. Liquid Waste Management: processing of waste muds, drilling solutions, oil sludge, waste engine oil, motor oil and lubricating oil;
3. Energy Recovery: MSW recycling to energy solution.

Huayin Group offers EPA Friendly and patent-pending system that meets or exceeds most countries' environmental standards. We are committed to bringing innovative ideas to the marketplace that redefine the way to recycle.

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