Industrial copper steel iron scrap medium frequency blacksmiths furnace

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Product Overview


Industrial copper steel iron scrap medium frequency blacksmiths furnace

Product Description
MODEL-CAPACITY melting subject Melting Time/Furnace(Min) Power Consumption per Ton(KWH/T)
RK-1.5T Iron 45 530
RK-2.0T Iron 48 525
RK-3.0T Iron 45 515
RK-5.0T Iron 50 500
RK-10.0T Iron 55 490

All above data are tested on site by users with test report

ABOVE DATA are based on series connection


Furnace Temperature:Steel:1650℃,Cast Iron: 1500℃, Copper: 1150℃,Brass: 1000℃, Aluminum:700℃, Zinc:400℃


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series vs parallel


Company Information

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1. SCW Intelligent Switch. SCW universal circuit breaker can cut off instantly to protect the safety of the transformer.
2. New-generation High speed fuse, can provide short circuit protection.

3. Anti-interference protection, no harmonic interference to power grid.

4. Multi protection system, including inernal & external water temperature, water pressure protection, default phase , overcurrent, over voltage, no voltage protection, auxiliary rectifier trip and furnace leakage protection.

5. Interlocking power-off device. When the door of power cabinet is open, the equipment will be shut down automaticallyto protect the operators.

6. DC injection-type furnace leakage alarm system. the system will cut off power when: melten metal penetrate the lining to the coil or near the coil; lining too wet; low ground resistence of some electric components.

7.Fall arrest protection cover, when tilting the furnace cover, the protection cover rise automatically thus guarding the operators from falling.


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1. What is your advantage to choose Rongke Furnace system?
As one of the top IF Furnace Manufacturers & suppliers in China, we have a super technical team from the industry, Till now we already have a dozen invention patents and articles in publication, many of our designs are unique and leading the industry, based on these, our furnace system are famous for its stability and efficiency and safety also.


2.What kind of industry can Rongke induction machines meet?
The involved industries could be the metal melting process for casting,including steel, copper, Brass, aluminum,

gold,silver, lead,tin,some alloys and so on.The heat-treatment process including metal brazing, metal rods or bars through heating for forging, metal bending,metal quenching etc.


3. what type of refractory lining can I take use of for melting?
The refractory supplier’s recommendations should be into your consideration.They will provide you the details on

the specifications and performance characteristics of your detailed refractory material.


4. If our machine meets fault, how could you help us to solve it?
The detailed fault description and photos should be informed to us.Our engineer will judge which part meets

trouble,then provide advise and accessories list you need. The spare parts will be sug-gested to purchase by

our sales manager for ensuring minimum downtime. If some problems can not be solved through

communication, the engineer will be dispatched to debug onsite according to your requirement.


5. what is your warranty?
Our all machines’ standard warranty is 12 months from the date of signing the turning over docu-ment after



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