Delixi high quality AC three phase 220v 380v frequency converter frequency inverters convertidor frecuencia de 50

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Delixi high quality AC three phase 220v 380v frequency converter frequency inverters for water pumps




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1.“High precision”, “high performance”, “high cost-effective


To satisfy the increasingly higher requirements on the industrial production of frequency inverters, Hangzhou Delixi develops a new E series frequency inverter aiming at the market demands. Compared with the old frequency inverters, its precision and performance are improved substantially besides its optimized structure and appearance. Its powerful built-in function may better fulfill the needs of different industries.  


2. High control precision


Speed regulation scope

1:100 (SVC) 1:1000(VC)

Speed stabilizing scope

0.5%(SVC) 0.02%(VC)

Torque control precision

5% (VC 


3. Rapid torque response


SVC: Torque response < 20ms

VC: Torque response < 5ms


4. High starting torque


SVC: 0.5 Hz may provide 150% starting torque

VC: 0 HZ may provide 180% torque at zero speed  


5. Various vector controls of motors are available


E180 Series may drive asynchronous motor and synchronous motor


6. Diversified menu display modes


7. Function of built-in timer


It has two built-in timers to collect input timing signals and realize the output of timing signals. Such function may be used separately or in any combination.


8. Built-in virtual time-delay relay


It has 5 built-in virtual time-delay relays to conduct simple logic operation for multi-functional output terminals and digital input terminal signals. The logic result may be considered as equivalent to input terminal function and also may be output from the multi-functional output terminals. Moreover, the logic results may be conducted with time-delay and negation operations.


9. Function of built-in operating module


One quad operating module is built in. such module may conduct simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, judgment of size and integral operations. Each operation has 4 input directing addresses and one output directing address. The input directing address is function code.


10. Function of rapid current limiter


In the case the current exceeds the current protection point, the rapid current limiter may keep the current within the current protection point to prevent frequently sending over-current alarm by the frequency inverter and protect the equipment.


11. Excellent capability of power drive control


The maximum drive capability of 24V output power of E-series frequency inverter, equipped with current limiting alarm function, may be 300mA.


The user may use it to supply power to text, touch screen, PLC and relay instead of connecting to an external switch. 


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