Rice Husk Biomass Carbonization System Equipment

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Price:RUB 6,368,712.00 - RUB 45,490,800.00
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Product Overview



Powermax biomass carbonization equipment adopts the technology of downdraft fixed bed gasifier to convert biomass into energy and produce by-product, biochar with high quality. For different feedstock (rice husk, wood chips, fruit shells,etc.), our company will provide different types of carbonization furnaces. The main output of carbonization furnaces are rice husk charcoal, wood charcoal, fruit shell charcoal which has high economic value. Meanwhile, the gas produced can be used for power generation and heating. Compared with gasifier, carbon content of biochar is higher. This series of equipment is environment friendly due to low tar content.




For small material( such as rice husk):

Rated Power(KW)501002003004005006008001000
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Rated Voltage(V)220/400/440/6300/6600/11000/13800
Model of CarbonizerBCS50BCS100BCS200BCS300BCS400BCS500BCS600BCS800BCS1000
Carbonizer TypeBiomass Carbonization System
Biomass Moisture Requirement≤16%
Biomass Size Requirementless than 10mm
Biomass Consumption(Kg/Hr)50-100100-200200-400300-600400-800500-1000600-1200800-16001000-2000
Gas Production(Nm³/h)125-150250-300500-600750-9001000-12001250-15001500-18002000-24002500-3000
Biochar Output(Kg/Hr)20-3040-6080-120120-180160-240200-300240-360320-480400-600
Ash Discharge TypeDry Ash Type
Type of Gas PurificationDry Type Gas Purification System
Heat Value of Gas≥1200Kcal/Nm³
Gas CompositionCO 15-20%    CO2 8-12%    CH4 Up to 4%    H2 10-15%    N2 45-55%


For large material( such as wood chips):










1. What feed stocks in general are suitable for the Powermax process?



2. Why do we need biomass gasification now?

Gasification is a clean, affordable and environmentally sound renewable form of energy that provides a solution to forest and agricultural management residue issues we have right now. Another challenge is energy security. Governments want to use their own resources to produce energy and provide energy independence.   We need to displace some of the energy we are literally shipping in from other parts of the world, and, probably more importantly, wean ourselves from dependence on foreign energy suppliers.


3. What are the key by-products of the Powermax process and uses?



4. What are the major components of Producer Gas?

  The gas composition varies with different types of biomass feedstock materials, different moisture content, different gasifier loading, etc. As a general estimation, the Producer Gas composition are as follows :

Ø   N2:  50-60%

Ø   CO2:  10-20%

Ø   CO:  10-18%

Ø   H2:  3-9%

Ø   CH4:  2-6%

Ø   CnHm:  0.5-3%

Ø   H2O, others:  0.5-3%


5. What are the economic benefits of a Powermax project for me ?

Powermax gasification plants tackle two major local problems: elimination of local waste and cost of energy. By converting local feedstock into energy you lower your costs and you create new revenues (i.e. selling electricity on the grid). Energy produced through Powermax gasification is renewable and is supported by your local renewable energy support policies.This model of circular economy is also an opportunity to increase your energy independence and it creates local employment.



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