Male Penis Size Increase Natural Kidney Patch Man Healthy Product

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Male Penis Size Increase Natural Kidney Patch Man Healthy Product



Fructus Foeniculi, 
Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens Extraction, 
Semen Allii Tuberosi Extraction 

1.Maintain erections for much longer periods
2.Raise your sex drive to new levels
3.Help users realize a new degree of sexual confidence and control 
4.Raise your ejaculation volume

1. clean the skin around guan- yuan point (three fingers width below Navel) the individual package and remove the paper covering on the patch .
3.tear off the protective film and apply the patch directly over the Guan-yuan point 
4.wear the patch overnight and keep it in place for 8 hours each day .
5.continue to use the patch for at least 14 days.

1.For external use ONLY .DO NOT consume
2.the lean and those with skin allergies should consult a physician before use .
3.if shows un-comfortable after applying the patch , please apply every 3 days at first stage, after used to patch by the skin ,then keep applying as the instructins.
Side effect:this product has no side effect .
Storage : under day conditions and do not expose to light .



· Maintain erections for much longer periods
Penetrate your lover for hours on end!

· Raise your sex drive to new levels
Perform like a professional with your girlfriends. They'll love your new sex drive!
· Help users realize a new degree of sexual confidence and control Realize absolute power and domination in bed with your girlfriend, with your new found sexual performance and penis size!

· Raise your ejaculation volume
Ejaculate in enormous quantities like a Pornstar! 

· How does Male Energizer Patch work?

When you get aroused, your brain tells your body to send blood to your penis, which engorges the spongiosum and cavernosa and stimulates pleasure receptors. This is called an erection.

Your penis is full of a spongy tissue that absorbs the increased amounts of blood and expands, causing an erection. The Male Energizer Patch stimulates these cells, and builds new layers of cells onto the old ones. While you sleep, our penis enlargement solution repair and strenghten your penis' stressed cells.

As any dermal penis enlargement product does, the Male Energizer Patch safely and effectively infuses the pure, unadulterated formula into your bloodstream, effectively bypassing your digestive system, as any male enlargement pill require. This is the most effective and efficient method by which to ingest the formula.

By using our all-natural penis enhancement product you will experience 4 major changes:

· An increase in penis length, girth, and vascularity

· Increased sex drive

· Harder and longer lasting erections

· Larger ejaculate volume and longer ejaculation times

How often do I apply the Patch?

Herbal penis enlargement patch should be placed on dry, hairless area of the lower abdomen or buttocks every 2 days. Rubbing alcohol is highly recommended to ensure optimum cleanliness. Replace the penis enhance patch after the third day with a new one.

Male Energizer Patch gives permanent penis enlargement results!

Wear the Male Energizer Patch to bed and gain penis size while you sleep!


The size of patch:8x8cm with diameter 5cm round


Shelf life:3years

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