415 PCS Car Auto Push Pin Rivet Trim For Audi Mercedes VW Toyota KIA Mazda Opel Ford Peugeot Suzuki Nissan

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415 PCS Car Auto Push Pin Rivet Trim For Audi Mercedes VW Toyota KIA Mazda Opel Ford Peugeot Suzuki Nissan

Material: Plastic
Color: Black or white(optional)
Detailed Size: As Picture Shown
Item Quantity: 415pcs
Package Weight: approx. 562g
Fitment: For Most of Ford Brand Vehicles

Applications: Widely used for car bumper, side skirt, radiator shield, splash shield retainers,grille, engine cover, door trim, various trim panels, ect

#A15 QTY:35pcs
Top Head Diameter: 17mm/0.68"
Stem Length: 13mm/0.5"
Stem Diameter: 7.5mm/0.3"
Stem bottom pin width:6mm/0.23"

#D161 QTY:15pcs
Top Head Diameter: 13mm/0.52";
Bottom head diameter: 20mm/0.78 "
Distance between top head and bottom head:2.4mm/0.1"
Stem Length: 18mm/0.71"
Stem Diameter: 7.5mm/0.3"

#F67 QTY:55pcs
Top Head Diameter: 14mm/0.55"
Bottom head diameter: 9mm/0.35 "
The distance between the top head and the bottom head::1.5mm/0.06"
Stem Length: 10.5mm/0.41"
Stem Diameter: 6.5mm/0.25"

#KY1223 QTY:30pcs
Top Head size: 9.5mm*9.5mm/0.37"
Stem Length: 12mm/0.46"
Stem Size: 6mm*6mm/0.24"

#B138 QTY:20pcs
Top Head Diameter:10.5mm/0.4"
Bottom head diameter: 18mm/0.7 "
Stem Length: 23mm/0.91"
Stem width: 7mm/0.28"

#D169 QTY:10pcs
Top Head Diameter:17mm/0.67"*23.4mm/0.92"
Bottom head diameter: 24mm/0.93"
Stem Length: 24mm/0.94"
Stem width: 7.5mm/0.3"*8mm/0.3"

#D12 QTY:20pcs
Top Head Diameter:15mm/0.6"
Middle Head Diameter:16mm/0.63"
Bottom head diameter: 18.5mm/0.73"
Distance between Top head diameter and middle head diameter:2.5mm/0.1"
Stem Length: 11mm/0.43"
Stem width: 10.5mm/0.42"

#C05 30pcs 7mm hole size Screw Grommet Black Nylon Push type retainer
Top head diameter:9.5mm/0.37"
Bottom head diameter:15mm/0.59"
Stem length:11.5mm/0.46"
Stem diameter:6mm/0.25"
Overall length:21mm/0.83"

#A133 QTY:20pcs
Top head diameter:16mm/0.63"
Stem length:20mm/0.79"
Stem diameter:9mm/0.36"*10mm/0.4"

#B35 QTY:15pcs
Top Head Diameter:10mm/0.38""
Bottom head diameter: 20mm/0.77"
Stem Length: 21mm/0.83"
Stem width: 9mm/0.37"

#A56 QTY:40pcs
Top Head Diameter:11mm/0.44"
Stem Length: 18mm/0.7"
Stem width: 5.5mm/0.22"

#P22 QTY:15pcs
Top Head Diameter: 18.5mm/0.72"
Stem top Length: 5.5mm/0.21"
Stem bottom Length:13mm/0.51"
Stem top width: 10mm/0.38"
Stem bottom width: 7mm/0.28"

#A126 QTY:30pcs
Top Head Diameter:20mm/0.79"
Stem Length:8.5mm/0.33"
Stem Size: 6mm/0.22"*6mm/0.22"

#XB59 QTY:20pcs
Top Head Diameter:10mm/0.39"
Bottom head diameter: 18mm/0.72"
Stem Length:20mm/0.79"
Stem width: 6.5mm/0.26"

#B105 QTY:20pcs
Top Head Diameter:8.5mm/0.34"
Bottom head diameter:17mm/0.67"
Stem Length:14mm/0.55"
Stem width: 6.36mm/0.25"

#B87 QTY:15pcs
Top Head Diameter:10.5mm/0.42"
Bottom head diameter:15.5mm/0.61"
Stem Length:15mm/0.59"
Stem width:6mm/0.23"
Overall length:28mm/1.08"

#F92 QTY:25pcs
Top Head Diameter::9mm/0.36"
Bottom head diameter:15.5mm/0.61"
Top stem length:2mm/0.09"
Overall Stem Length:10mm/0.39"
Stem width:7mm/0.27"

#B118 QTY:5pcs
Top Head Diameter:10.5mm/0.41"
Bottom head diameter:25mm/1"
Stem Length:23.5mm/0.92"
Stem width:9mm/0.34"

Package list:
415pcs Car Plastic Rivets Fasteners
0.0057 s.