Top quality 1.56 UV420 anti blue ray HMC EMI coating Optical Lens price

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Product Overview


Product Description

I. Product Features

1.56 Blue Light Block HMC Optical Lens
IndexDiameterAbbe valueMonomer
1.5655/65/70 mm42NK55 (imported from Japan)
Specific GravityTransmissionGuaranteePower range
1.15> 97%5-yearSPH: 0~ -15.00, 0~ +8.00, CYL: 0~ -6.00



II. Blue Light Block Lens


What is Blue Light?


Blue light is not light which looks blue, it is a light which 

wavelength from 400-500,it create more damage to 

people's than another light. 

Blue light occupies most part of the visible light, whose 

short wave and high Energy stimulates eyes and causes 

photo and eyestrain, meanwhile the blue light bled into 

red blossoms and green leaves too much will also reduce 

the sharpness of color contrast.


 What is Blue Light Block Lens?


We are offering blue cut for both 1.50 and 1.56 white 

lenses, single vision, bifocal and progressive, all 

designs and diameters.


Blue cut lenses can cut 100% UV rays, but don't mean can block 100% blue light, just cut part of the harmful light in blue light, and let the beneficial blue light allowed to pass.



Why We Need Blue Light Block Lens?

Blue light.png


Blue light is everywhere - While manmade sources of blue light include fluorescent and LED lighting, flat-screen televisions, and the display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices; our main source of blue light is the sun, and we are most exposed to it when we are outdoors during daylight hours. 





It contributes to digital eye strain – While this is less dangerous than the effects of the blue light generated by the sun, digital eye strain is something we are all at risk of. Most people spend at least 12 hours a day in front of a screen, though it takes as little as two hours to cause digital eye strain. Dry eyes, eye strain, headaches and tired eyes are all common results of staring at screens for too long. Blue light exposure from computers and other digital devices can be reduced with special computer glasses.


III. Coating Choise


Hard coating: Make the uncoated lenses are easily subjicted and exposed to scratches


AR coating/Hard multi coating: Protect the lens effectively from reflection, enhance functional and charity of your vision.


Super hydrophobic coating: Make the lenswaterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance.
coating15 (2)_.jpg




IV. Coating Colors666.jpg

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Q. How many days will samples be finished? How about mass products?

A. Generally, we need 1~2 days to finish the sample production. As for the mass products, it depends on your order quantity.


Q. How can I get sample from you?

A. Just send us your requirements, then we will send samples accordingly.


Q. What is the MOQ of optical lens?

A. No MOQ for customer if optical lens is in stock.


Q. How do you control lens quality?

A. Producing process is in vacuum dust-free shop, like prepare material, mixed material and take out .Four times quality checking during production process.


Q. How about your optical lens production ability per day?

A. About 20000 pairs/day.


Q. Are you a factory?

A. Yes, we are a professional optical lens manufactruer in China, and have a factory in Danyang city, Jiangsu province.


If you have any problems,  please contact us or visit our official website. 




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