liquid water / gas level indicator magnetic spirit level magnetic float level transmitter

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liquid water / gas level indicator magnetic spirit level magnetic float level transmitter


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Product Description

magnetic float level transmitter, it can be used to measure the liquid level of kinds of vessels in the shapes of water tower, kettle, groove and ball as well as boiler furnace. It can be used under high-sealing, leak prevention, high pressure, high temperature and corrosion condition, which is safe and reliable.

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 Parameters of magnetic float level transmitter:

Measurement Range




Dia. of  Turn Column


Operating Pressure

 ≤10.0Mpa (>10.0Mpa can be separately designed ); anti-corrosion type ≤1.0Mpa

Medium Density


Medium Density Difference


Medium Temperature


Medium Viscosity


Equipment Vibration

 Frequency≤25Hz, Amplitude0.5mm

Follow Speed


Connecting Flange




Features of magnetic float level transmitter:

1. The shell of the turn column uses the polyester and high temperature ceramic, which     doesn’t fade and resists high temperature.

2. It can measure level and interface of liquid in the vessels. Besides on-site instruction, it can be     with remote diaphragm, alarm switch, control switch.

3. It indicates obviously and highlighting. The direction of the observing indication can change         angles based on the user’s need.

4.  Wide measuring range, measure a variety of the height of the vessels.

5. The instruction and the medium are isolated completely, so it is reliable and safe.

6. Easy structure,  convenient installation and the low cost of maintenance.

7. corrosion-proof, no need power supply and explosion-proof.

8. The magnet of the turn column adopts permanent magnet materials can run reliably during a     long time.


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 Yantai Dongrun Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, specializes in manufacturing online water quality analysis equipment, material level meters, pressure gauges, flow meters, special temperature gauges and laboratory analysis equipment.







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