Titanium gasket Plate heat exchanger for caustic soda

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A brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of thin corrugated metal plates. A thin copper foil is placed between each plate. The assembly is placed in a high temperature vacuum furnace in which the copper foil melts and brazes two adjacent plates together. The melted foil also seals the channel formed between two plates. In order to retain high internal pressure, two thicker front and end plates are normally brazed to both sides of the plate pack.

VRP Series have 3 flow paths:

H=higher heat transfer efficiency, higher pressure loss

M=medium heat transfer efficiency, medium pressure loss

L=Lower heat transfer efficiency, lower pressure loss.

1.Plate material :AISI304 or AISI316L

2.Brazing material:Nickel or Copper

3.Design Parameter:Brazing design pressure3.0Mpa

Testing pressure 4.5Mpa

Design temperature -160 °C-225 °C 

Product Description


The plate heat exchanger has a variety of specifications. From plate design to plate development, the company has absorbed and adopted advanced technologies and experiences both at home and abroad. VRcooler’s plates feature strong adaptability and superior performance. The gaskets and plates are produced by VRcooler under fine conditions. As a result, the company’s plate heat exchangers can be widely applied in various fields, including heating, petroleum, chemical, food, paper making, pharmaceutical, machinery and metallurgy industries. 

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