VSM10-816G 5V 10mm mini gear box stepper motor dia10 micro geared stepping motor with lead screw

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 10mm mini gear box stepper motor dia10 micro geared stepping motor with lead screw

VSM10-816G is the use of diameter 10MM micro stepper motor and 10*12 precision metal reduction gearbox combination, the reduction ratio can be customized according to customer needs.
Motor basic step angle is 18 degrees, that is, 20 steps per turn, plus the deceleration box deceleration effect, the final motor rotation angle resolution can reach 0.05~6 degrees, can be used in many requirements
Precise control of the rotating position of the field.
1:5 1:3 1:20 1:10 1:380 1:30 1:50 1:63 1:150 1:298 and so on, the customer can according to different use torque speed requirements to match the speed ratio, at the same time
Given the proper driving frequency of the stepper motor can reach the determination of the speed and torque.
This product gear box uses the most advanced equipment in the international processing related parts, so the high precision, high efficiency, low noise, and the use of reasonable and reliable process, make the product has better reliability.
The power input part and standard stepper motor can be used as probe structure, FPC, FFC, PCB cable and other forms.
Part of the output of the motor can be used in a variety of output structure, such as the circular axis, D axis, and the wire rod!            



PRODUCT NAME10mm mini gear box stepper motor

--details_04.jpg1.8 degree 5V mini gear box stepper motor 1:380 Stepping Gear Motor for Security ProductsSM10-816GS.jpg




Out shaft standard as follows,also can customerized due to the user drawings

welcome to contact customer service for more types


  • Round Type :DIA3mm. 4mm. 5mm

  • D-cut   Type: DIA3-D2.5  DIA4-D3 etc

  • Screw Type:  M3 M4 M5 Serial 

  • Trape  Type

  • I-cut    Type:  DIA3-I2 DIA4-I3

  • Other  Type:  Shaft with a hole etc



The regular models are shown in the figure, and the special sizes can be customized.




Motor input method with Pin type

, FPC, PCB, Lead wire etc. These can be customized according to customer needs.





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