Photography UAV Camera Video Cinema Crane Gimbal Stabilizer Helicopter Shock Vibration Insulation GR6-36D-A Wire Damper

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Product Overview


Product Description


By building your own Camera Gimbal & Camera Crane Stabilizer, the GR Series UAV Camera Wire Dampers is your best choice!


The GR6-36D-A camera wire damper is designed especially for single use or building camera gimbals and camera crane in order to absorb tensional force against the vehicles movement with the camera and video.


The GR6-36D-A model is made by the 4.0mm diameter wire rope winded in the two mounting bars,  with maximum static load of 36N (3.67kg). 


The GR6-36D-A model can smooth out the small rhythmic vibrations of a traveling shot as well as dampening those sudden, unexpected jolts that a stone or a pothole can produce. With stainless steel material, the GR6-36D-A model has perfect performance of water-proof, anticorrosion as well as durability.


Nowadays, the GR series camera wire dampers are used widely in the field of RC car aerial drone systems stabilizer, helicopter drone gimbal stabilizer, video project stabilizer, drone shooting stabilizer, UAV camera and camera stabilizer, etc.


Technical Parameter

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Mounting Bars

Material of Mounting Bars *
   Stainless Steel or Aluminum can be selected

* Surface Treatment Selection of Aluminum Mounting Bars *

  • White Anodizing: The surface treatment to make the aluminum surface harder than itself. The color of the white anodized aluminum mounting bars keep the same color as the aluminum itself. It is the normal surface treatment of the aluminum mounting bars;

  • Hard Anodizing: The surface treatment to make the aluminum mounting bars much more harder than the white anodized way. The color of the hard anodized aluminum mounting bars is more darker than the white anodizing way. Special use for complex or special requirements of the working conditions of the using of wire rope isolators.


* Unique Characteristics of Xi'an Hoan's Vibration Isolators *

  • No creep or ageing. 

  • High internal damping. 

  • Very wide temperature range.

  • Wide variety of possible fittings. 

  • Rapid and economical prototyping.

  • Extremely rugged construction and long lifespan. 

  • Excellent combined shock and vibration isolation. 

  • Not affected by chemical agents, seawater, ozone, UV rays,... 




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Company Information

Xi’an Hoan Mirowave Co. Ltd., the professional manufacture of vibration isolators and mounts, provides top quality energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions to a variety filed of military, defense, commercial and heavy industry.


Our products cover a wide range, which are not only vibration isolators, vibration mounts, friction dampers and also shock absorbers as well as LC filters. Established in 2005, with the fast development of decades, we have been grew with more than 500 employees including more than 100 experts.


Now, we are the best seller for more than 31 provinces in China and almost 25 oversea countries for areas of motor, fans, punch machine, elevator, compressor, chemical equipment, subway train, bridge, mechanical equipment, large scaled construction, studios, theaters, vehicles, vessels, and machines.


Contact us today to see how our products can benefit your specific equipment application needs or alternatively you may find one of our many representatives to help you meet your product requirements!




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