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ColorLight Yellow to YellowConforms
Insoluble Impurities≤0.05%0.01%
Moisture & Volatile≤0.10%0.02%
Saponification Value187-195 mg/g191.20 mg/g
Acid Value≤1.5 mg/g0.34 mg/g
Peroxide Value≤6.0 mmol/kg1.7336 mmol/kg
Total Arsenic≤0.1 mg/kgNot detected
Lead (Pb)≤0.1 mg/kgNot detected
Aflatoxin B1≤20 μg/kgNot detected
Uses and Benefits
Hazelnut oil crafts a great hot oil treatment for dry hair, making them softer and more manageable. Hazelnut Oil penetrates well and is said to be a good choice for those with oilier skin. It is a good all-purpose oil that can also be used in aromatherapy applications ranging from skin care to massage.
MedicinalThe Hazelnut oil is a well-known stimulant to improve the circulatory system. It is also called the “pore-reducing” oil and “acne-fighting” oil as it’s the antibacterial components go to work battling skin bacteria to help reduce blackheads and pimples. The regular use of this oil promotes anti-aging effects, helping skin to appear more youthful and vibrant. 
BeautyThe Hazelnut oil is considered is the perfect base oil for preparing skin care creams and lotions and hence it is the preferred choice of the cosmetic manufacturers. 






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