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1.Fore & aft adjustable scope is 150mm'

2.weight adjustment range is 50-130kg.

3.The deoscillator device travel is 60mm.

4.With back angle adjustment.


Optional accessories

Seat belt.


Our Company


Zhangjiagang Rely Auto Technology Co., Ltd.

specializes in providing customized solutions for commercial vehicles, including electric seats and electric table tops, mini bar folded seat, electric control systems, intelligent partition systems, electric curtains, all types of ceilings, mirror printing floor , power pedal and other commercial modified vehicles and RV interior parts.


In addition, we are an integrated enterprise that research and develop, produce and marketing of pure electric vans. The company currently has new energy vehicles such as garbage sweepers, express logistics vehicles, and sprinklers.


Relyauto is fully committed to delivering high quality products at a fair price, with value-added services that include fast prototypes, just-in-time deliveries, packaging, warehousing and exceptional customer service.


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