Air Filter Filtration Smoke Fan Hepa Portable Carbon Purifier Solder Exhaust Fume Extractor & Dust Absorber System

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Air filter filtration system exhaust smoke absorber fan HEPA fume extractor portable carbon purifier dust fume extractor

Smoke filter Solder fume extractor is small, save space, there’s four universal wheels on the bottom, it makes the movement easy and flexible. Ducts can be universal adjustment, suitable for all kinds of workstation. The air after purification meets PONY EIA test. Brand-new design filters absorb dust from four sides, greatly improve the dust capacity. Three fan speed adjustment, the maximum can reach 180-250m2/h airflow.




1. New Economic Version, lower cost;
2. Smaller size, but with bigger filtering capacity;
3. 360 degree dir filtering design increases the dirt holding capacity by two times;
4. DC frequency conversion motor, intelligent and energy-saving, with a life-span as long as 40K hours;
5. New diamond-shaped nozzle greatly increases the extraction area.





1.Soldering, Laser Marking & Carving, smoke filter


3.Chemical Lab. 

4. Beauty Salon 

5. Nail salon etc


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Company Information




 How to change and maintain the smoke filters ? 

1.The smoke filter needs to be replaced regularly, in order to guarantee the good working status. Before change the filters, make sure to cut off the power. *The filters must be used from the original factory, otherwise our company will not be responsible for the machine failure caused by it.

2.Clean the duct regularly, in order to avoid filter block too fast.

3.When the suction power is reduce, check if the filter needs to replace.

4.After replace the new filter, please remark the date.

5.When installing and dis-assembling the filter cartridges, both hands should hold the quadrilateral frame and slowly put it in and out. Do you use head or hand to hold the inside of the filter cartridge, so as to avoid deformation or damage of the filter cartridge and affect the filtering effect.

Pre-filter cotton - Filtering PM50, suggest the replacement period 7-30 days

Midlle filter cartridge - Filtering PM0.5, suggest the replacement period 3-6 months

Main filter cartridge - Absorbe toxic and hazardous gases, suggest the replacement period 6-12 months


For more informations about soldering fume extractor, please feel free to contact us.



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