Dental New Brushless DALIWANG strong drill Micro Motor 50000rpm brushless Surgical Lab Equipment

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Product Overview


Portable 220v brushless micromotor dental electric handpiece Daliwang 50000 rpm

nail strong drill 50 watt STRONG DRILL GJ-G800 +XM  micromotor handpiece electric nail file machine

1.Specification of nail drill machine:
1.Low noise, Low vibration                                                       2.Automatic safety overload protection system
3.For professional salon or home use                                     4.CE ROHS certificate 

5.Dimension:    201*208*80mm(controller box)                   152*26mm(handpiece)
2.Detailed description:
Model : DALIWANG                                                                Input voltage :110V/220V, 50-60Hz
Output :DC0-36V,0.5A                                                             Power: 150W 
Rotate speed : 0-50,000RPM                                                 Max torque :8N/cm
Collet :2.35mm/3.0mm/3.175mm                                         Fuse :2A

Application: Dental equipment, dental drill, nail drill, microscopic carvings jewelry polishing tools, mini grinder etc.
1. Mini-compact design, easy to carry                                    2. Less-vibration standard brushless motor
3. Non stage speed control system                                        4. Rotating converts forward and reverse control ability
5. Easy maintenance of carboloy brush, no sparkle              6. disturbance and have better torque and durability
7. Foot pedal for On/off switch                                                8. 110V/220V voltage switchable

Explicate Video (DALIWANG)
how to use our micromotor?
how to Maintanence and Repair out micromotor?              all details you can see on this video!!!
(If any doubt, you contact me WhatsApp/Skype/WeChat:+8613774502576)
high copper handpiece wire                                                                                perfect collet chuck 
high quality ball bearing set for handpiece                                    lower noise, lower vibration 50000rpm brushless motor

Using the Motor Handpiece
Changing Accessories
Burs and other accessories can be inserted or removed from the handpiece collet when the collet
is open. To open the collet:
1. Turn off the motor using the Motor On/Off Switch and the Power Switch.
2. Twist the Chuck Handle in the "R" or release direction (clockwise) until the raised indicator bar clicks into the far left mark on the silver center ring.
2. Remove the accessory and replace with another accessory. Insert the 'new' accessory shank fully into the collet for maximum support. You should feel it touch the back of the collet.
4.Twist the knurled Chuck Handle toward the "S" or secure position by turning counter-clockwise until it snaps to lock the collet. The accessory and the collet will be able to spin freely. The raised collet indicator bar will be above the far right mark in the silver center ring.
Note: The intermediate position between "S" and "R" holds both the spindle and the accessory in a locked position. This is useful to unscrew an over-tightened mandrel screw.
How to Remove and Install the Collet
1. With knurled Chuck Handle in "R" release position and bur or accessory in collet, place triangular hole in Chuck Wrench 23 over triangular flats of Collet head and unscrew the collet counter-clockwise Remove collet.2. With bur or accessory in new collet, thread into handpiece. Place triangular hole in Chuck Wrench over triangular flats of Collet head and tighten the collet clockwise. Be careful not to over-tighten. Test to insure that new collet releases accessory smoothly in the "R" released position. Test to insure that new collet holds firmly in the "S" secure position and
spindle rotates freely.

Never turn the power on when the collet is open or in the intermediate position. The spindle is in the locked position and will not turn. This will damage the motor.

Safety Instructions
A Micromotor Handpiece is a high speed rotary power tool which can be dangerous and cause serious injury if it is not used properly. NEVER operate it without wearing eye protection.• ALWAYS wear proper eye and face protection.
• ONLY use accessories rated for 50,000 rpm or higher speeds when operating this micromotor. Follow the Allowable Rotation Speed chart on page 9 of this manual for safe operation when using accessories with head diameters of more than 3/32″ (2mm).
• ALWAYS observe the manufacturer's maximum speed rating when using any accessory.
• NEVER use or continue to use any accessory which appears to be damaged, loose, vibrating, bent, or out of balance. Inspect each accessory for cracks or flaws before use.
• ALWAYS insert the shank or arbor of an accessory or mandrel into the collet or chuck of the handpiece as far as possible in order to provide proper support and close the collet or chuck securely.
• NEVER use excessive side pressures which may tend to bend or break the shank or arbor of an accessory. Let the speed of the accessory do the work.

• DO NOT stall the motor by jamming or using excessive pressure on the mounted point, buff, wheel or accessory. This can result in damage to the motor.
• WEAR a dust protector, mask or respirator to prevent the inhalation of harmful dust or debris from grinding, carving or other operations performed with this power tool.
• NEVER operate with a damaged power cord. If the power cord or plug to the handpiece is damaged, repair or replace immediately.
• USE a dust collector (vacuum system) to pull sawdust, grinding dust, or other debris away from the work area and the micromotor intake vents.
• NEVER turn on or start the Handpiece while chuck is in open (unlocked) position.This can damage the handpiece. Make sure that a bur is installed and secured in the collet, that the spindle is NOT locked and that the bur can spin freely. Always operate and store it with a bur or other accessory in the chuck and with the chuck in the closed position.

• DO NOT operate the handpiece in the presence of any flammable liquid or gas.

Dental Micromotor Brushless with Handpiece 50,000 rpm speed control by foot pedal or control buttom
1 power socket: Connect to power line
2 Power fuse: fuse in the controller with automatic recovery function, when the motor current is too large or the use of force is too large, built-in recovery fuse is disconnected, so grinding machine handpiece to stop working, you need to turn off the main power switch for one minute after the restart
3 voltage switch: AC220V or AC110V, note voltage 110V AC220V can not be converted to use, otherwise it will damage the control panel, pay attention to the voltage 110V 220V can not be transferred, otherwise it will damage the control panel
4 speed foot switch Interface: The foot switch can choose any speed from 0 rpm to the speed control knob set
5 operation indicator: When running light is off, to be checked after voltage outlet fuse is disconnected, such as fuses off, you need to replace 2A fuse, can continue running.
6 main power switch
7 Knob Speed indicator: When the indicator light on the knob function is enabled speed.11
8 start and stop lights start and stop lights to indicate the handpiece is in working condition, when the light is off, the handpiece to stop working
9reverse indicator lights on behalf of reversal
10 Forward indicator lights representatives Forward
11 speed control knob speed control knob use to regular the speed, in the absence of the foot pedal , the handpiece speed will be in accordance with the rpm speed control knob settings, there is a foot switch , handpiece speed will be in according to foot pedal operation.
12 handpiece connector
13 foot pedal indicator lights, on behalf of the pedal speed control function is enabled, you can adjust speed through foot pedal
14 start /pause button
15 speed mode select button to choose knobs or foot pedal to control speed
16 reversing button control handpiece Reversible
Brushless micromotor high quality and stable porformance
With hand speed control and foot pedal speed control , much more convenivent
One year quality warranty from the manufacturer!
1, the machine has intelligent protection function, no connection handpiece, motor damage,controller failure, high temperature, will start the automatic protection system. Then the display window will flash. When protection occurs first turn off the power switch, carefully check the condition of the various parts, troubleshooting before use.
2, follow your power supply AC110V model or AC220V, it may cause the controller to burn
3, if the machine does not work, check the power cord, handpiece, whether the foot switchplugged in, whether the fuse burned power outlet, if it is over-temperature protection, and other equipment to lower the temperature before use
4, the device when not in use, turn off the power switch
5, try to protect the handpiece, the handpiece is very sophisticated equipment
6. Do not talk to control for other devices, otherwise it will cause the controller is not working properly or is damaged.

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