Reverse recycling vending machine for recycle used pet bottles cans glass plastic bottles aluminum cans

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Product Overview


Skylar Chen

product draft






product functions





More design choices





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More details about technology







More details about the functions 







More intelligent RVM









Function introductin






SCADA background system (windows)

for sales monitoring , remote controling and data analysis.







Skylar Chen 









Customized intelligent self-service vegetable fruit vending machine large screen large weighting real-time weighting independent


Product characteristic:


1.Intellectual property rights, all component modules integrated design, easy assembly,  different combinations and configurations of upgrades and product;


2.The whole assembly chassis structure design, easy to assemble and transport as well as maintain, save transportation cost;


3.The hardware design as the system components, easy to combination of features to improve efficiency of the design and testing;


4.The software system design of platform in order to easy update system  and access third-party products which is conducive to transfer  rapidly scientific and technological achievements;


5.Standardized interface design, enabling access to a variety of the statute and system platforms which can be composed of a variety of control systems and information systems with many hardware and software products


6. The use of laser bar code scanning and infrared detection subjected to identity Kam identification whether true or false, achieve recovery to classify and Store Scientifically, Accurately and reliably.




Detailed Images

Basic configuration:

power supply:100 ~ 240V


Power: Idle <40W


Peak <100W


Intelligent Recognition


Automatic classification


Automate to print lottery (or coin)


Voice prompts from beginning to the end


Remote communications


Additional features:



Led Light Box * 2


Optional features


Environmental Monitoring


Coin (or print small ticket)




Appropriate Location

 schools,apartments and so on


customized intelligent reverse vending machine plastic bottle aluminum can recycling machine compactor big display big capacity



Product Description

 this is a plastic bottle recycling machine which can recycle plastic bottles by scanning bar code with laser.


We can operate the whole process according to the prompts on the screen and voice prompts.


First, we will scan and recognize the bar code.


After successful identification the recycling machine will open the box, put the plastic bottle into the channel, and then close the box.


The equipment starts to identify plastic bottles.


The recycling machine determines whether to recycle plastic bottles according to the barcode of plastic bottles and the weight of plastic bottles. If the barcode of bottles is not in our database, we will exit the bottles. If there is still water in the bottle, the weight exceeds the standard, the recycling machine will withdraw the bottle.


After identifying the plastic bottle successfully, the plastic bottle will enter the compression device along the channel to achieve 4:1 compression, and finally fall into the recycling box.


After successfulwe can get a reward here. The reward we get here is coupon. We can realize coin rebate, coupon rebate, IC card bonus and other rebate functions.

Detailed Imformation

recycling number: about 700


compressed recycling number:about 2800


ways of rebates: coins, coupons, gifts and so on


                            ( can customize)


Lot suitable for : schools,apartments,subway stations, bus stations and everywhere a large flow of people




length 1100mm, width 700mm, height 1910mm


material: cold rolling and galvanized sheet


display: 32'' led screen


net weight :110KG


recognition system: shape/bar code/weight


printing system: thermal printer


network support: WLAN/LAN/4G/3G and so on


power consumption: idle 40W, Max  80W


language: Chinese ( can customized )


compactor system


power supply: 100~240V


internal voltage: 12v


safety support: infrared induction


core technology: cloud services( suit for sales monitoring, remote controling, big data analysis)


sorting module: unique sorting technology


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