Professional skin analyzer Facial skin Analysis 3D Digital Observer Facial Skin Analyzer with iPad operation system

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It uses a clear imported probe to accurately analyze the skin's eight modules, pores, oil, elasticity, collagen, lead and mercury, red blood, acne and moisture. The data shows the test results, text analysis instructions, and automatically recommend matching products, allowing customers to more clearly and intuitively understand the results of the test and the actual changes in the skin before and after using the product, and can use the real 3D reduction technology to pay attention to the skin Stereoscopic 3D image.
This machine has three Triple spectrum. There is HD imaging, Customer management, Skin diagnosis, Accurate analysis, analysis report. And it has 2000w pixel with ipad. It can analysis Detect skin moisture, Texture, Ultraviolet spot, Pore. it has 9 diferent analysis way. RGB PORE, RGB SPLASH, RGB WRINKLE, UV ACNE, PLNROUGH, GULES, BROWN, SUNSHINE.

1. The base of the skin base can be seen.
2. Show the extent of deep uv damage.
3. Provide professional analysis data on skin problems such as wrinkles, un even complexion, pores, and spots.
4. In different areas of need improvement area, accurate display of improvement progress, built-in classification comparison.
5. Comprehensive quantitative comparisons can be made with other people of the same age and skin type. 


1. Can be turned with 360 degrees.
2. Operate easily, it has its own analysis system, dosen't need to contact with computer or other equipments.
3. Auto-focus, Auto-analysis.
4. Fast analysis, without dead halt.
5. Has cloud storage, no worry of losing data.

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