24C-50VDC 4.2A Digital DM542 stepper motor driver for 2-phase nema 17 and 23 stepper motor

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Product Overview


Digital dm542 stepper motor driver for nema 23 series motor

2phase Hybride  stepper motor nema 23  cnc motor kit for Machine torque1.2Nm and current 3A


1.Low price, high speed torque
2.Supply voltage up to 50V
3.Maximum output current can reach 4.2A
4.Three-state current control technology with low heating
5.Automatic halving of static current 0.4 S to 60 %
6.Two-phase stepper motor with 4, 6, 8 lines
7.Optical isolation differential signal input, maximum pulse response frequency up to 200 KHz
8.Subdivision accuracy 2,4,5,8,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,64,100,125,128 optional
9.Small size(118 x 75.5 X 34mm)
10.Convenient current setting, optional at eight
11.Four dials for 15 steps
12.Protection functions such as overpressure, short circuit etc..
13.Bipolar constant current PWM driver output
14.Suitable for all kinds of small and medium scale automation equipment and instruments, such as engraving machine, medical creep pump,
15.Label striking machine, cutting machine, laser photo arrangement, plotter, CNC machine tool, automatic assembly equipment
16.Wait a minute. It works well in devices where users expect small noise and high speed

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Electrical indicators:

ParameterMinTypical valueMaxUnit
Output current(peak)1.0——4.2A
Input power (V)2024/3648VDC
Control signal input current71020MA
tep pulse frequency0——200kHz
Insulation resistance500————


 Strengthening heat dissipation
(1) The reliable working temperature of the actuator is usually within 60 ℃ and the working temperature of the motor is
Within 80 °C;
(2) It is recommended to choose an automatic half current mode when using and to reduce the current automatically when the motor stops
60 % to reduce heating of motors and drives;
(3) When installing the drive, use vertical side mounting to make the heat dissipation teeth stronger
Air convection; When necessary, install fans near the drive to ensure forced heat dissipation
The drive works within a reliable operating temperature range.




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