Height 176(cm) Dimensions and Teaching Model Product Type full skeleton of human

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Product Overview


Height 176(cm) Dimensions and Teaching Model Product Type full  skeleton of human

Product Description

Life-size articulated adult plastic skeleton

Ideal for teaching the basics of human anatomy

The arms and the legs are removable for study

Features nerve branches, vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disc

The skull includes movable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines and 3 removable lower teeth

Made of washable and unbreakable PVC plastic.

1 skeleton of human.jpg2 skeleton of human.jpg3 skeleton of human.jpg4 skeleton of human.jpg5 skeleton of human.jpg6 skeleton of human.jpg7 skeleton of human.jpg8 skeleton of human.jpg9 skeleton of human.jpg10 skeleton of human.jpg11 skeleton of human.jpg12 skeleton of human.jpg13 skeleton of human.jpg14 skeleton of human.jpg

Life-Size Human Skeleton Model

This human skeleton model consists of more than 200 bones – how many exactly depends on the individual model; usually, between 206 and 214. Generally, the skeleton is subdivided into a skull, torso, upper extremity, lower extremity and accessory bones.

  • The life-size skeletal model provides a 1:1 representation of the human bone structure.
  • Additional features include:
    • the moveable spinal column
    • flexible discs
    • the removable extremities and
    • the 3-part dissectable skull.
  • For flexibility of use and ease of transport, the skeleton is attached to a tilt-resistant, mobile base.
  • Movable spine
  • Flexible vertebrae
  • Removable limbs
  • The extremities are removable, as well as the 3-part skull
  • Natural anatomical details
  • Tip-proof roller stand
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