-86 Degree Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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Product Overview


-86 Degree Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer



Product Description

What is the detail of our Freezer?

Targeted Refrigeration
The new generation of ultra-low temperature a refrigeration system can ensure fast refrigeration and was awarded with the Technological Invention Award.

Five Magic Weapons for Energy Saving
Imported high-efficiency compressor + separated evaporator + composite heat exchanger + optimized fractional condensation & separation system + high-efficiency thermal insulation system can save energy and reduce power consumption of the freezer by 40%

Low Noise Design
Low-nose direct cooling circuit + suspension tame & sound absorbing compartment & low-noise fen can reduce noise generated by the entire freezer to the largest ardent.

Three-dimensional Thermal Insulation
The sin sides of the cabinet are made from high-efficiency VIP vacuum thermal isolation plate, and the thermal insulation design of the inner door made from foaming material and the outer door system was awarded with multiple patents, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the refrigerator.

7" LED Screen Control System
The 7" LED touch screen has clear display, user-friendly interface and more accurate temperature control, which can indicate operating status clearly;
The high-precision microcomputer control system and platinum resistor sensors enable users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -10 to -86°C.

Security System
The perfect audible & visual alarm system: high/low temperature, sensor failure, door open, power failure etc.;
The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection can ensure reliable operation;
The keyboard lock and password protection can prevent any adjustment of operation without permission;


Refrigeration System

The large-area finned condenser with a space equal to or less than 2mm between fins, providing a large area for perfect heat dissipation.


Supplies for Cryopreservation

Inventory racks/boxes for cryopreservation are optional.


Data Storage

USB data storage function: can relevant operating data which can be downloaded and checked, ensuring improved security and reliability of sample storage.


Thermal Insulation System

The two-layer heat insulating foamed door with inner and outer door seal and the insulation design of the outer door system with multiple patents can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity in an effective way;

The six sides of the cabinet are made from high-performance VIP vacuum insulation material, improving thermal insulation performance to a large extent.



The new-type assisting door handle +pressure reducing valve can be operated with one hand and are easy to open/close;

The newly added file box makes recording easier and more convenient.

The liner made from stainless steel 304 is low-temperature tolerant and corrosion-resistant, which has a long service life and is easy to clean;

The universal caster + fixed foot design is more convenient for movement and fixation.

What is application of our vertical deep freezer?

Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, health and disease prevention systems, research institutions, colleges & universities, the electronic industry, biological engineering, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises, deep-sea fishing companies, etc.

What is technical data of our -86 degree freezer?


Effective Volume (L)

Input Power(W)


External Dimensions (W*D*H, mm)

Internal Dimensions (WD`H, mm)

Net Weight (Kg)
















-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

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-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

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-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer 

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-86°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

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