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Insum Hi-Soft Cushion Padel Grip
* 750mm Ideal Length for Padel Racket
* Two Colors Tone/Silver Grip Edge for Hi-Soft Performance
* Special Foam Cushion Provides Maximum Softness and Comfort.

*Knitted Cloth Base PU.

*Adhesive Back with Foam Coshion.

Product Type:
Hi-Soft Cushion Padel Grip
PU Material:
Hi-Soft Knitted Cloth
Foam Cushion:
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Company Profile
Insum-Good Intentions of Every Grip.
Good equipment is half the work. Whether you play in the national team or take part in recreation sports, Since 1990 our quality grips have conquered the racket/bat fields and that is for good reason. Choose your Tennis Grip/Overgrip,Bat Grip/Overgrip,Baseball Bat Grip/Overgrip,Hockey Grip/Overgrip etc., increases your joy of playing.

Having devoted ourselves for 30 years to manufacturing top-quality cowhide and synthetic leather grips for tennis, squash and badminton racquets as well as hockey sticks, baseball bats and golf clubs, we Insum are extremely proud that our grips and racquet accessories are used on sporting goods marketed under high-profile international brands. Our own Insum brand name is also known worldwide for high quality and excellent performance.

While our strategy of revolutionary product development and resarch has made Insum a pioneer in the grip field, our extensive experience with grip materials has also allowed us to evolve into a producer of outstanding golf gloves.Our strong research and development department and close working relationships with our customers in Japan and the USA have resulted in our Insum gloves being the finest golf gloves available worldwide. Our golf gloves have achieved international recognition for their excellent materials and craftsmanship.

Whether striving to produce the finest grips, golf gloves or racquet accessories,Insum approaches our work with an innovative spirit and with genuine concern for the enjoyment and performance of the people who use our products.We use state-of-the-art, high-technology equipment and update our equipment continuously. Our research and development department is constantly on the alert for new materials that promise to boost our products' performance.Insum is always striving to discover new ways to bring victory into the grip of the world's athletes.

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