220V/380V/50HZ Oil free Screw Air compressor for Pharmaceutical Food Electronics Textile Printing and other industries

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Product Overview


220V/380V/50HZ Oil free Screw Air compressor for Pharmaceutical Food Electronics Textile Printing and other industries

Product Description

   Product feature:

    1. Adopt German technology, all-copper wire winding, small starting current, strong power, continuous constant pressure work, up to the service pressure of 20bar.

    2. Adopt imported SKF double-row automatic centering bearing, which can bear high radial load, optimize the contact profile of roller and raceway, and optimize the contact design of large end face and large retaining face of roller, effectively eliminate the edge stress, and effectively reduce the temperature rise of bearing;External use of heat-resistant insulation material seal, can effectively reduce the internal temperature conduction, so that the bearing is always in a constant temperature state.

    3. The piston set with graphite high-pressure casting, with functions of high temperature resistance and self-lubrication, piston with PEEP imported materials, the highest heat resis.

  Performance feature:

    1. Adopt the original imported technology from Germany, the maximum pressure can reach 2.0mpa.

    2. Double cylinder balanced compression, small vibration, low noise, the main machine force balance.

    3. SKF high pressure bearing from Sweden and PEEP high wear resistant sealing material from Germany are adopted.

    4. Microcomputer control, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic memory, automatic display.

    5. The compressor can be turned on and off regularly and the starting and stopping pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily.

    6. The microcomputer adopts contactless design, and the continuous movement can exceed 100,000 times.

    7. Anti-corrosion treatment is adopted inside the gas storage tank to ensure that the air quality is free from pollution and impurities.

    8. The air is forced to filter through the exhaust port to ensure the moisture content < 0.01 PPM and dust content < 0.01 microns.

    9. The machine adopts stainless steel pipe with a service life of up to five years.


    It is widely used in medical treatment, laboratory, water treatment, biological pharmacy, environmental protection, ship, textile, petrochemical, precision electronics, instruments, spraying, tobacco, nitrogen production, optics, national defense research and other fields that need clean compressed air.


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     "ANBIT" Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides holistic drilling solutions, serving the mining, stone crushing, water conservancy drilling industry, to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. We mainly provide mobile air compressors, drilling rigs, hammer, drill bit, crushers, underground water detector.We are your trustworthy partner.

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