Dust Removal Air Control Good Quality Industrial Cleaning Spray Nozzle

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Product Overview


Product Description

Brass Deflection Flood jet Flat Fan Wide Spray Nozzle


the interior is designed for a large flow channel to minimize liquid blocking screw nozzle to produce solid (hollow) conical spray, and the droplets are relatively rough.

Product name
spray nozzle SJ-SIS
delivery time
15-25 days
The sample
Jet Angle
Droplet size
the droplet size is medium to large, and the pressure and flow can be applied widely.
BRASS, SS, plastics (PP/PVC/PTFE), ceramics (SS), etc.
Water aeration, fire extinguishing, spray cooling, metal treatment, gas cleaning and cooling, dust control
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Boyuan spray equipment co., LTD. Has a wide range of products, ranging from general cleaning nozzles to high pressure mist and high pressure cleaning nozzles, from workpiece cleaning to environmental chemical dedusting, desulfurization to etching and cleaning of electronic circuit boards, from phosphating to humidification, lubrication, steel dephosphorization and so on.

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1. Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
BYCO is a factory , we are one of the top nozzle manufacturers in Chna.

2. Are customized products design and lable available ?
Yes ,OEM & ODM are availalbe , welcome customer design both products and packing.

3. How to get free sample and test order ?
Free samples are available for some items with freight fee on buyer's account
Sample orders are welcome with total amount over 50 PCS.

4. What is price term?

5. How to make the payment ?
We accept the payment via T/T (bank transfer), Western Union , Paypal and Alibaba online payment.


Spray Angle and coverage

Spray flow rate under the condition of same medium is roughly proportional to the square root of the spray pressure increase or decrease any nozzle under a certain pressure flow can be calculated at any pressure of traffic and set a known spray flow for Q1, corresponding pressure for F1, known pressure of F2, unknown flow Qx, its relationship to the table lists the spray coverage in the shape of a theory is based on the spray Angle and jet distance and calculated. These values are the assumption that the spray Angle of the base dry spray remains constant throughout the spray distance. In practical application, the spray Angle included in the table does not apply to spray distance. The spray Angle included in the table shows an approximate spray cap range based on water. In actual spray, the effective spray Angle is due to the spray distance surface meter, if the required spray coverage is critical, the specific spray coverage data. When the liquid is more viscous than water, the spray Angle is relatively small (or even small)
The Angle depends on the viscosity, nozzle flow and jet pressure. Liquids with surface pressure lower than water produce relatively wide spray angles as listed by water.

Different materials of nozzle have different effects on the wear resistance of liquid

Because of the liquid in the nozzle mouth high-speed flow, nozzle mouth part is often Nun loss, different chemical liquids have different ph value and not this authorization together with your completed viscosity, the wear of nozzle can lead to different influence of different material the same ph value and viscosity of the wear is different also, ceramic (S) | S hardness is 7, the wear-resisting degree of 20-30 times that of stainless steel, but the pottery and porcelain is easily broken, not easy to make, alloy wear-resisting degree is high, but the production cost is high, the stainless steel nozzle range is very widely used because of its wear resistance is good, price is higher than plastic, but far less than alloys and ceramics, so get promoted, engineering plastic material It is a kind of nozzles with the most use.

Hollow cone nozzle
When spray pressure, spray flow and spray Angle are the same, the average particle of hollow cone nozzle is the same
When the diameter is minimum and the average particle size is small, the surface area of the processed workpiece will increase and be processed more
The addition of fineness has a great influence on the movement of materials. The hollow cone nozzle is used for air cooling, air humidifying, etc.

Metal treatment, dust control, gas cleaning and chemical reaction can produce good results.
In a hollow conical nozzle, the liquid is the largest because it is sprayed through a single hole several times by centrifugal action
Unimpeded diameter is an ideal choice for liquids that are prone to precipitate, and it can be maximized
To reduce the occurrence of obstruction.
Customers can choose the appropriate use method according to the general distribution map.

Solid cone nozzle
There are two types of solid tapered nozzles, the general type is equipped with a built-in swirl blade, the special type
No inner swirl blade, solid tapered spray produced uniform distribution, droplet size medium to large spray
Spray area is uniformly circular, suitable for washing, rinsing, dusting, extinguishing, etching of electronic circuit board.
Cleaning etc.
Customers can choose the appropriate use method according to the general distribution map.

Fan nozzle
Fan-shaped nozzle liquid into a fan jet, the impact force than hollow and solid cone impact force, for
When several fan nozzles are installed, the flow distribution is more equal.
Flow distribution, spray height, spacing between installation positions, spray pressure, and fluid properties are different
If there are errors in the performance of multiple nozzles, the design value will be inconsistent with the actual value.

Packing & Delivery


Package: Standard exporting cartons or pallets

Delivery time: 15-25 Days

Delivery methods: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, Air cargo, By sea

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