acrylic fiber top for concrete light yellow 12mm PAN fiber producer with competitive price

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Acrylic PAN fiber has higher tensile strength, higher initial modulus and stable chemical properties than other fibers. Therefore, the fiber has acid and alkali corrosion resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, and good dispersion, oil absorption. In practical application, the bonding force with concrete matrix is strong, which improves the cohesion and fatigue resistance of concrete, and enhances the impermeability, frost resistance and impact resistance of concrete. Therefore, it is widely used in the engineering of asphalt concrete and cement concrete.


Wholesale Engineering Fiber



100% Acrylic



Unit Price:

based on factory price or FOB Qingdao price

Package Datail:

Customized packing


5 Ton, negotiable


T/T 30% in advance,70%balance after getting B/L copy

Sample Fees:


HS Code:


import and export right owned

Production Capacity:


Delivery Time:

15days, update to order quantity (can be negotiated)




100% Acrylic


Monofilament / Multifilament





Melting Point


Ignition point


Acid &Alkali Resistance


Water absorbency :


Tensile Strength

750Mpa MIN

Elastic Modulus

10GMpa Min

Crack Elongation: 



6mm,12mm,16mm,19mm .. .. or customized.

Directions For Use

1-4kg/Ton,The specific quantity , according to the engineering needs.




1. Adsorbing asphalt by tackifying effect, increasing asphalt content in mixture under the condition of keeping the same viscosity of asphalt mortar. Adsorption of light oil in asphalt makes residual non adsorbed asphalt viscosity increase. The high temperature stability of asphalt mixtures is improved with the increase of the viscosity (flow deformation resistance) of asphalt mineral powder fiber mixtures.


2. Toughening enhances the bonding force between asphalt, cement binder and aggregate surface, prevents peeling and improves the water damage resistance. Improve the deformation capacity and toughness of asphalt mortar and cement mortar at low temperature, and reduce cracking at low temperature. Fiber plays an orientation role in the deformation process of asphalt mortar, which greatly improves the deformation following ability of asphalt mixture.


3. The asphalt and cement mixtures with fiber reinforcement have good fatigue resistance, and their fatigue life increases significantly. The asphalt and cement mixtures with fibers have good impact toughness, which is especially suitable for the asphalt overlay on the old cement concrete pavement. The wear resistance of asphalt and cement mixtures mixed with fibers is improved, which can be used in special places such as anti-skid pavement and tracked vehicle pavement.


4. The volume of asphalt adsorbed by most fibers expands slightly after filling, which can effectively reduce the voids in asphalt pavement, reduce the size of voids and improve the uniformity of void distribution. The use of water-increasing fibers can improve the bleeding capacity of asphalt mixture, shorten the residual time of moisture in asphalt pavement, and reduce the phenomenon of water damage.


5. Because it has more characteristics than other fibers, its toughness, impact resistance and crack resistance are further improved in cement concrete and cement products.



1. new asphalt concrete pavement surface;


2. old asphalt concrete pavement cover;


3. repair of asphalt concrete pavement;


4. asphalt concrete road cold patch, irrigation joint;


5. rigid frame bridge deck pavement;


6. concrete precast slab, and other cement products;


7. cement concrete pavement, bridge deck, aeroplane, etc.


8. port, deep-water wharf, bypass and severe cold areas;


9. Highway anti-collision wall and anti-impact baffle; water storage pool, swimming pool, sewage treatment pool; face-slab dam of water conservancy reservoir project; basement side wall, floor, roof and other structural waterproofing projects.





Inner packing

Out Packing

20`FCL without pallet

40`HC without pallet

1kg net per PE bag

20kgs per plastic woven bag



Different packaging methods, loading volume is also different.


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