Great Sale Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun Machine for Fast Color Change

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Great Sale Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun Machine for Fast Color Change

COLO-191S-B is the new advanced model that owns a large popularity as soon as it comes into the market, this professional powder coating gun features intelligent and easy, a practical model for both beginners and experienced users, obviously set and read accurate digital parameters on the LCD display. Most importantly, by utilizing latest technology this powder coating machine overcomes the difficulty of penetration corners and complex parts, which leads to perfect coating quality and high powder transfer efficiency.


1. Main parts: Controller,trolley,powder hand gun,
2. Spare parts: powder pump,conductive powder hose,air hoses,air regulator,ground cablet etc.


Intelligent Controller

Console features digital control valve technology for fast and precise adjustment that ensures that what you set at the controller comes out of the gun.
Design with 3 preset coating mode that is easy to coat different shape of parts: flat coating mode,complex coating mode and over coat mode. You can creat and save 20 different coating programs eith different coating parameters which will increase the coating efficiency.

Box feed table

For fast color change table,directly transfer the powder from the original powder box,completely emptying of powder box,save time to clean hopper,becuase box feed unit no need the powder hopper.

Box feed table with motor can shake the powder box to realize totally powder use up.The fluidizing powder suction tube ensure good powder transfer and fluidizing performance.

Powder Coating Gun

Our gun is a fully duty commercial grade system that puts out a true 100Kv of powder charge at the tip.Good quality cascade makes gun life span to be longer.

Quick Program & Powder Flow Changes

Press the "P" button to move between coating modes,press the increase and decrease button to adjust powder flow as you coat.

Product Paramenters
Powder Gun:
Gun weight
Maximum output current
Maximum output voltage
0-100KV ( adjustable)
Maximum powder injection
Pneumatic data:
Maximum input-air pressure
Minimum input-air pressure
Maximum compressed-air consumption
13.2 m3/h
Packing & Delivery

Carton Packing

1-2 quantity order,suggest to ship by air epxress,fast delivery.Carton packing save shipping cost.

Wooden Packing

More than 2 quantity order suggest to ship by sea,wooden box packing.

Powder coating rims in our booth with 191S-B powder gun
After oven curing,beautiful coating film covered the rims
0.0078 s.