yeast extract fermentation production line equipment

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Product Overview


We provide yeast production line equipment, yeast extract fermentation


1. raw material of yeast, can be molasses, grains, vegetable oil, dextrose, etc..



2. process: raw material, seed fermentation, complete fermentation, need a yeast centrifuge to get yeast, and then need spray drying machine to get dried yeast, then is packing machine.



3. public service equipment:

Steam generator, Cooling tower, Air compressor, Water treatment plant, Waster water treatment,Cooling tower pump. all of these support equipment are necessary for the yeast production line.

 fermenter (60)



Equipment for production yeast, we are professional on it, have more than 30 years experience.

Bakers Yeast Production equipment,

yeast powder production equipment,

liquid yeast production equipment,

yeast for make beer production equipment, 

animal feed yeast production equipment



Production Process of Bakers Yeast:

Raw Materials.

1. Cane or beet molasses is the primary raw material for bakers yeast production.

2. It supplies all the sugar that yeast needs for growth and energy along with part of the needed nitrogen.

3. Before it is fed to the yeast, concentrated molasses is diluted with water, clarified, and heat sterilized. It is then supplemented with additional nitrogen, phosphate, vitamins, and minerals.



1. Bakers yeast begins as a pure culture of the desired strain, which is inoculated from a small vial into a sterile flask of broth.

2. From the flask it is transferred into a larger vessel, then through several fermentation stages of increasing volume.

3. The larger-scale fermentations take place in 25,000- to 50,000 L fermentors that are equipped for aeration, cooling, incremental molasses feeding, pH control, and anti-foam addition.

4. Each fermentation step requires about a day, so that at the end of a week more than 250,000 kg can be produced from a single vial.



1. Yeast broth from the fermentor at about 5 percent solids is concentrated in a centrifuge to about 18 percent solids and washed with water.

2. Cream yeast is simply this liquid yeast that is cooled and delivered in bulk to the bakery. To make compressed (granular and cake) yeast, cream yeast is passed through a filter, which removes water and increases the solids concentration to about 30 percent.

3. When a rotary vacuum filter is used, the cream is first treated with salt, then sucked onto a thin layer of starch, rinsed with cold water to remove the salt, and scraped off the starch. After filtering, small amounts of emulsifiers or oils are added to assist in the extrusion and cutting of the yeast and to improve its appearance. 

4. Granular yeast is then crumbled and packed in bags; cake yeast is extruded and formed into blocks.


Special introduce the control function of fermentation system 


Control function



Automatic sterilization

Sterilization temperature:100-130℃

Sterilization time:0-60 min;

Manual sterilization of other parts;

Allowed error of sterilization temperature:±0.5℃;

Note 1:Sterilization parameters such as temperature and time can be set on the touch screen.

Note 2:The sterilization can automatically enter the waiting state after the sterilization.


Fermentation temperature

PID automatic control,heating, cooling, circulating system;

Control: + 5-65 ℃, cooling water temperature control precision: + / - 0.1 ℃.

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and an be segmented tracking control.



It can be controlled by the stirring velocity, which is by changing the mixture velocity to regulate the dissolved oxygen;

Control range: 0-100%, display range: 0-200%, resolution: 1%

It has a real time curve and a historical curve.


Stirring speed

PID automatic control, adopt governor stepless speed control;

Speed range: 0-188rpm; Control accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%, resolution: 1rpm

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and an be segmented tracking control


Tank pressure

PID automatic control, pneumatic control valve ON/OFF;

Control range 0-0.2 MPa, steady state precision: plus or minus 0.01 MPa, resolution: 0.001 MPa

It has a real time curve and a historical curve and can be segmented tracking control


Material measurement



Antifoaming control



Level control



Exhaust gas sterilization



What we offer for the fermentation production line:


Creating of manufacturing process:

- technological planning

- manufacturing and delivering of equipment

- mounting

- adjustment and commissioning

- training of personnel

- warranty and after sales service


We also accept reconstruction - technological improvement of manufacturing process using engineering solutions, producing of innovative, automatic and cost saving equipment.

Modernization - updating of equipment (changing for more compact and energy saving equipment).


After sales service of the fermentation production line:

- consulting

- equipment diagnosis

- repairing (any kind of difficulty)

- spare parts supply

- modernization

- reinstallation of units

- training of personnel

- emergency repairin


Type and Usage

We have different type fermenter and bioreactor, from lab scale to industrial scale.

We accept customized according to your requirements.


1. Lab scale single vessel fermentor bioreactor

Single Vessel

2. Lab scale double vessel fermentor bioreactor

Double Vessel

3. Lab scale bowl vessel fermentor bioreactor

Bowl Vessel

4. Lab Scale Fermentor bioreactor Aniaml Cell Vessel

Aniaml Cell Vessel

5. Multi-Fermentor bioreactor  SiDoLim 6 

Multi Fermentor

6. In situ sterilizable Fermentor bioreactor 

lab fermentor 3

7. Pilot Scale Fermentor bioreactor 

fermentor 25

8. Plant scale fermentor bioreactor system

fermentor 39 

Packaging & Shipping

1.Qualified wooden package or carton for different products or as customer require.

2.Sufficient inner protection with different materials, including bubble bag, foam board and others.

3. Strict packing process to ensure the safety and completeness of the goods.


4. We have good cooperation with many international express companies such as DHL / UPS / FedEx / TNT and Other, as well as large shipping companies to provide air shipping and sea shipping. We can also arrange global shipment as clients' requirement.

 Packing & Delivery 9Packing & Delivery 10


Company Information

SiDoLim, Silver Double Limited is a worldwide leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process, engineering industry, chemicals and petrochemicals industries,and paper making industries, metallurgy and so on, and is focused on providing advanced, state-of-the-art products for our customers. We are also committed to producing cost-effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitors and control solutions at reasonable prices.



1. How can you guarantee we receive a good quality?

First, we have Q/C department to control the quality from raw material to the finished products. When the machine was finished, we will send you the inspection video and pictures. Or you can come to our factory to inspect the machine before you arrange the balance of the payment.


2. Do you provide any help about the product operation?

We have English manuals and operational video, which could help you know the operation easily.


3. How about warranty?

We could make sure all of our machines with one years warranty and provide you with free technical support of equipment lifelong.


4. How can I get more details about this machine?

Please write all your question in the below mailbox, we will reply to you via E-mail within 12 hours.

Contact information

What’s more, the SiDoLim provides many kinds of production lines, such as:
1. Insulin Production Line
2. Vaccine Production Line
3. Antibiotics Production Line
4. Lysine Production Line
5. Biological Health Drinks Production Line(e.g. hericium drinks)
6. Any Shape of Tablet Production Line


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