Insulated safety soundproof stained glass church window

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Product Overview


China supply printed church decorative colored fusing stained art glass


Church glass not only appears in churches, but also in Western architectural decorations. It has also been used in many general buildings in modern times. In the classification of building materials in China, it is called “Church Glass Colored Flower Window”. Originally, the church glass played a role in propagating the teachings to the illiterate people, and it also had high artistic achievements.


Product Dispaly


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Church glass is a western architectural ornament, commonly found in churches and mounted on the walls of buildings. In Islamic mosques, church glass art is also very common.

The principle of action is that when the sun shines on the glass, it can cause a splendid effect. In the era of electric lights, the color of light radiated from the church at night is full of weather.


The early church glass is mostly based on the story of the Bible, and the effect of the light with the pattern touches the believer. The local legends and myths of some churches will also enter their themes.


In modern times, it has not only appeared in churches, but also in many general buildings. In the classification of building materials in China, it is called “Church Glass Colored Flower Window”.

Production process

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Some Equipments


Packaging & Shipping

 1)Strong wooden crates worthy for ocean and land transportation.
2)Steel belt outside for consolidation.
3)Paper or powder inside between each glass sheet.
Our professional warehouse staffs supervise and ensure that our glasses are safely loaded
and can reach the destination safely; we are constantly improving our packing and loading
techniques to ensure easier off-loading, minimal breakage, and other safeguards to combat
seasonal changes in climate. 



We have the following quality certificates and inspection credentials: CE, AS/ANZ 2208:1996, SGS,SONCAP and ISO9002.and we would issue the quality certificate before delivery. 


Company Information

Shenzhen Dayang Special Glass Co.Ltd., located in Shenzhen China (Nearby Hongkong), has 5 big factories with a floor space of 400 acre. Dayang has been always applying ourselves to the design, R&D, manufacture and sales of all-kinds of deep-processing glass, well known as a leading glass manufacture in and abroad.

Products include Energy-saving glass, curved glass, smart glass, art glass, complex glass and furniture glass. The company has many patent on the smart glass and art glass which is highly reputed from all our clients!

There are a high reputation design team who is led by professors of CAFA Sculpture and Mural Department with rich working experience! Combining perfect modern design and exquisite traditional craft, Dayang aspires to make the real Glass Articles which is original Created in China !

For years’ hard work, the company also developed a team special for glass export to make sure best quality, high efficiency and professional technical guidance!  Dayang service supplies comfort and success to all our clients! 
Recently, the company completed more than 500 projects all over the world, which are involving some big projects such as Opus in Dubai designed by Zaha Hadid, some big projects developed by Cheung Kong and other well-known projects. Clients are mainly from Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and other countries!

Based on the the spirit of "High Sincerity, High Reputation, High Quality, High Efficiency”, Dayang Special Glass will provide you with the best products and the most professional service!  




Q1: How to judge the quality of float glass?

A1: Flatness, transparency, colorless, impurities, bubbles, etc.

Q2: How to reduce the self-implosion?

A2: The high quality float method is used for hot dip treatment, edge treatment and proper stress intensity. Pay attention to avoid side collision of glass during installation.

Q3: Scope of use of toughened glass?

A3: Safety is not involved in some parts of the building, but it is necessary to install toughened glass to improve the compressive strength and explosion-proof capacity, and not to endanger the safety of the person.

Q4: When toughened glass is broken, is the grain smaller the better?

A4: No, the smaller the particle, the easier it is to explode.

Q5: Can toughened glass and semi-toughened glass be made into laminated glass?

A5: Can't. The national standard stipulates: the glass that stresses the difference cannot make laminated glass, because in use process, the pressure that two pieces of glass bears is different.

Q6: Whether the laminated glass can fire, can the sound insulation?

A6: No, the smaller the particle, the easier it is to explode.

Q7: How many uv low-e glass can reduce?

A7: It is not fireproof glass, but has certain fireproof ability, also can soundproof, laminated glass is inside whole sound wave frequency range, in control noise is very good.

Q8: Does the air in the insulating glass do not oxidize the membrane?

A8: No, because there is a molecular sieve in the insulating glass, and the molecular sieve always keeps the air dry, so the membrane is not oxidized.

Q9: How much ultraviolet radiation can low-e glass reduce?

A9: It can reduce uv by 14% compared to heat reflecting glass. That's a 25 percent reduction in uv radiation compared to white glass.

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