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Ramune is one of Japan’s most famous carbonated soft drinks, maybe due to its unique bottle shape or its regular appearance in manga and anime. Originally, it was introduced from Britain as "lemonade" in the late 19th century, so the word "Ramune" is derived phonetically from the English "lemonade".



The characteristic marble in the neck of the glass bottle earned Ramune the nickname of “marble soda” and is also the reason why many people might find it hard to open and drink. To open a bottle of Ramune, simply use the little plastic opener provided with each drink and push down the marble.


Here is some of the most famous Ramune companies in Japan:



Company NamePopular Products
 Hata Kosen Bottled Ramune, Matcha Ramune, Blueberry Ramune
 Sangaria Ramune Bottle, Ramune Grape Bottle, Ramuneo
 Kimura Drinks Hawaiian Ramune, Banana Ramune, Fujisan Ramune
 Tokyo Beverages Ramune-yasan, PET Ramune
 Nojima Seika Hokkaido Ramune, Blue Cave Ramune
Company Information



Since our founding in 1928, we have grown from a local confectionary wholesaler in Nippori to a multinational company with over 30 stores across Japan, selling a broad range of products from Japanese snacks to sundries and gift sets.

Throughout the changes, one thing remained constant: our commitment to provide customers with the right amount of products at the right time with the right price.





1.) Comprehensive Database


uriba teian pic.jpg



There are thousands of new drinks and foods released each month in Japan; just last year we have recorded a total of more than 7,000 new items in our system. Newcomers interested in adding Japanese touch to their lineup may find it an overwhelming experience to start.


With over 42,000 SKU in our growing databases and experiences in retails, we can help you plan your product lineups, specifically tailored to fit with your aims and strategies.



2.) Simple and Efficient


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The standard distribution channel in Japanese market is Manufacturer → Primary Wholesaler → Secondary Wholesaler → Local Wholesaler → Retailer. It’s a long and complex system which raises the products’ price significantly.


However, TAJIMAYA simplifies this by buying the goods in bulk directly from manufacturer, making our price very competitive compared to similar places.



3.) Growing Global Network


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We are currently expanding our operations to more than 14 countries, focusing especially on Southeast Asia markets.


Anticipating greater demands from overseas, we are also offering international shipping and export services to our customers while also complying with their rules and regulations.





We have developed close relationships with a large number of Japanese brands, ranging from global powerhouses to local favorites. These are just a few of them.




Yukiguni AguriHizatsuki Seika
Ito SeikaDyDo DrincoChiyoda Shokuhin
Furuta SeikaMarutaiHachi Foods
Yamayoshi SeikaYaokinSanuki Shisei





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